et tu “From On High”?

1238782058430sWhy is the Government in the Marriage Business?”  First, no disrespect, cuz I admire your blog. But that post is a rationalization for running from a fight. The Government is in the “marriage business.” It  has been since this country was founded.  Your question was perhaps a good question back then, but not now. Now the fight is being taken to us by queers who want their behavior to be jammed down our throats–they want to force us to accept their behavior as normal, legal, and moral.  Equal in every way to heterosexuals. That is their goal. If good people like you run from the fight, and in essence give up and say, “OK, we don’t want you to win, so we will change the rules,” then they will win.

We need all the people who oppose SSM to fight. Not to give up during the heat of the battle. Notice how the queers fight in California? They lose at the ballot, run to court and get the ballot over-turned. Then they lose at the ballot again in a Constitutional Amendment, and they run off to court again. When they lose in court, then they take to the streets, and they look forward to trying to over-turn the Constitutional Amendment at the next election. They fight. They aren’t going away. Either stand up to them, or they will win. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill: Never surrender. Never. Ever.

UPDATE 5/30/09 12:06 p.m.: Every time I make a point it seems, I then go on my once a day visit to “The Other McCain” and see that the point has already been made, much more eloquently, there. See “Hey Ed, you’re wrong” [speaking of Ed Morrisey].

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