Reason & Revelation gets the coveted blogging training wheels for the stupid article attacking Liberty University

Blog Training Wheels: you have failed. But if you take it slowly, perhaps you will learn someday

Blog Training Wheels: you have failed. But if you take it slowly, perhaps you will learn someday

Liberty University grows a set of balls. Reason & Revelation  throws a hissy fit. Apparently the author over there is just begging me for a  swat down (that is a lesser form of my infamous bitch-SLAP for you novice Smash Mouth readers out there.) I’ll take some of their petty little arguments in order.

1. “Liberty University School”–cute. Presumably that is a slam meaning that they can’t be a real University if they ban certain groups.  Did you try that stunt when schools such as Harvard and Coumbia banned the R.O.T.C. from their campuses?

2.  “not all Democrats support abortion, so the message is that Democrat students working with Democratic politicians to change their minds on abortion or to work on other causes of common interest.” Not all KKK members support lynching, either. Some just like to dress up in those funny hats. Others just love the sight of crosses burning in the darkness. And gee, they actually do some good, keeping the riff-raff off the streets? Should Liberty recognize them as an official group, too? Or the Nazi Party? Some are just misguided. Others are trying to change the Nazi Party from within? Bwahaahaaa.  Is that the best argument that you morons can come up with?

3. “Apparently Republicans are the only party Liberty students should be working with and perhaps voting for.” Key word, APPARENTLY. This is dumbass speak for “hey, I’m gonna set up a straw man, and then destroy him. No, any political party is free to have a group there. So long as they don’t advocate infanticide in their official party platform.

4. Liberty promoting “Our definition of God first”? What kind of sophomoric “logic” is that? Of course they do. Are you so mushy-brained that you can’t distinguish right from wrong? Good from evil? The Norse God of Oden is as good as Allah is as good as Jehovah?  Hey, maybe killing babies is a good thing? At least let’s not be judgmental, right? You. Are. A. Frog. The. Water. Is. Boiling. Hey, when did it get so hot! croak.  

5. Institutions “should foster the free exchange of ideas.”  True. You can talk about how wonderful it is to have the “freedom” in America to have a “partial birth abortion” all you want. Just don’t ask Liberty to endorse your idiotic and godless idea.

You, whoever wrote that blog post, have lost all sense of what it means to take a stand. To stand up for what is right and to condemn what is wrong. I would agree with you if Liberty UNIVERSITY was condemning something that was not black and white. If they were saying Republicans are better than Democrats.  But abortion is a no-brainer.  If you have a problem making moral judgments, and then acting accordingly, then perhaps you should just stay the hell away from Liberty. Or join the Democrat party. It isn’t that Democrats shy away from making their own judgments, they routinely condemn others for being wrong.  It’s that they have adopted the wrong moral judgments.  

And finally, you have made the same mistake most modern intellectual lightweights make. You confuse “liberty” with “licentiousness.”  Liberty does not mean the right to do anything one wants. It did not mean that to the Founding Fathers.  Look it up. Do a little research.  Even search “licentiousness” on my own blog. Liberty traditionally meant the right to do anything within the general parameters as set forth in the Bible. It did not mean liberty to steal, rape, and murder.  Or abort babies. You have failed.

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