If Benjamin Franklin were alive today

[This is a take on Citizen Tom’s article, “Advice for those who love to argue about politics and religion.”  Assuming for the sake of this post that Ben also was a modern conservative.]

Hmmm. Things have changed since I was here last.

Hmmm. Things have changed since I was here last.

A.P. This just in, Benj. Franklin is into whoring, excessive drinking, and cross-dressing. And stupid little sayings that nobody cares about.

Newsweek: …”Is there no end to what this rube will say next? He actually advocated flying a kite in a thunder storm.  He is barely literate, under-educated, and homely. He did not attend an Ivy League school. In short, he is Sarah Palin without the boobs and hot ass.”

dailykos: “If Ben won’t kill himself, perhaps we should hire somebody to do it for us.  He’s a pervert, a sell-out to big business, and a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. As are all conservatives.”

HuffingtonPost: [stealing an article word for word from the New York Times] …”Benjamin Franklin? He can’t even get along with his own son. They’ve been estranged for years.  Confidential sources indicate that Mr. Franklin has been carrying out illicit affairs with various women. We can’t tell you who are where or back it up as facts, but we sure can spread lies, half-truths and innuendos.  Anything to advance the liberal agenda.  The curious thing is how dumb old Ben just sits back and takes it.  If we did not hate all conservatives so much, we would pity the fool, and not lie about him so much”….

Blowell at Blew Virginia: “I think he’s cute. I want him!”

p.s. nothing against Tom’s article. I think it has good advice. But much of today’s discourse is not civil. And since Ben was no fool, I’m assuming that he would not advocate letting anti-American scum daily commit personal attacks against him while sitting back and ignoring them. Likewise, I don’t think he would bring a knife to a gun fight.  It is a sad fact that modern liberals do not fight fair.  Acting like a gentlemen always, in all circumstances, may be fine for some out of the lime light. But somebody has to fight back. Might as well be me. Hell, I enjoy destroying pathetic liberal attempts at argument.

8 responses to “If Benjamin Franklin were alive today

  1. Thanks for the pointer to my post and for pointing out the contrasts with certain publications. (I would have found that too irritating.)

    You are, of course, correct in assuming Franklin was no fool; he was excellent debater. Nonetheless, Franklin avoided arguments. He well understood the difference between argument and persuasion.

    Have you ever considered that argument and persuasion achieve two entirely different results? Unfortunately, too many of us do not. Until I read the Bible and Franklin’s book, I know I did not give the difference enough consideration. So when with patience and kindness I might I have persuaded someone, I argue fruitlessly.

    As a young man, Franklin grasped the difference between argument and persuasion. Partly as the result of that observation, he worked hard to instill humility into his speech and his character.

    Franklin was no saint, and his autobiography does not portray him as such. Nonetheless, Franklin’s book helps us to understand how Franklin made himself wiser than he might otherwise have been. Because of his book, his example remains something we each can and should follow.

    At the same time, Franklin’s autobiography is great reading. It both entertains and informs. In addition to providing the manner of his efforts to improve his character, Franklin’s book tells his adventures and gives the inside story on the struggles of his era.

    Sadly, few people read Franklin’s book today. I attribute that to serious defects in our education system. How else could people get away with some of the stupid things they say about the men who founded our nation?

    Look for a for another post on Franklin’s book Sunday afternoon.


  3. I agree with you 100%. That is why when persons come here and disagree with me, I try AT FIRST to be humble and reasonable. My posts are usually not humble and reasonable–they are argumentative. But I try to keep my comments nice, so long as the other person remains nice as well. I would prefer to always be nice and reasonable as you and Ben Franklin advocate. But I feel that there is a place for flaming firebrands such as myself –to counter what the left is spewing. In a perfect world, it would not be necessary, but I feel that if I do not fight fire with fire occasionally, then it devolves down to the George Bush situation. “See, it (their argument, er I mean their lies, whatever the topic) MUST BE TRUE, because they aren’t fighting back.”

    I respect you and your blog a lot. I’m just pointing out that the left would not give Ben a pass if he were alive today and a strong advocate for conservative ideas. They’d attack Jesus if came down on the wrong side of an issue.

  4. You have a point. As soft spoken as he was. Franklin stood up for good and opposed evil. The difference is that he did not argue vociferously over disputable points. Franklin avoided needly antagonizing people. You and I do otherwise.

    Although we should know better, we each like to think ourselves wise. Can you imagine what it must have been like for the unrepentant to hear the words of Jesus?

    Hebrews 4:12 (New International Version)

    For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

    Jesus spoke the Truth. Because He knew the Father, He could speak the Truth. Unfortunately, the Truth hurts, and we do not want to hear the Truth.

    People can be difficult. Because of Christianity, people are somewhat better in character than they were 2000 years ago. Nonetheless, I suspect Jesus would still be executed today. Most likely even the America of 200 years would have found some reason to do away with Him. I suppose that is why when Jesus comes again He will come to judge.

    Because we seek to imitate Jesus, Christians can also be d, but because our example has not the perfection that Jesus could achieve – because we cannot see the Truth of each other’s souls – our words cannot judge so deeply. So Christians are not d as Jesus was d. Thus I imagine Franklin would probably find our era only a little bit more harsh.

    Consider what Franklin did. He served as an ambassador. Franklin went to France just before the Reign of , and he got the support he wanted. Nonetheless, not too long after the American Revolution, the French threw out their aristocracy and the Catholic Church. The new government replaced the Catholic Church with the Goddess of Reason, definitely not an improvement.

  5. I don’t understand it. When I submitted my comment, the word % d” got translated to “d”.

  6. Tom, you are being kind. I argue over disputed points. You are reasonable and kind. I know you are on the right track, and I am on the wrong. But I suspect that a few will respond to my vociferous counter-attacks. Or at least the liberals will know that I am here. I might not convince anyone. But they will know that not all of our side goes down without a fight.

    I remember some old western where the early Mormons were being persecuted, and they refused to fight back. Then some gunslinger who wasn’t a Morman came along and stood up for them. Can’t remember the name. But I am that gunslinger. You keep up the good fight. I’ve got your back.

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