A tale of two men. Or why the Republican party should not go moderate.

Republican Colin Powell publicly endorses Barack Obama for colin%20powellPresident over John McCain.  He is hailed a hero by the MSM, and RINOs hold him up as a role model for what the Republican party should be “more like.” 

Zell-Miller-CDemocrat Zell Miller publicly endorses George W. Bush for President over Sen. Kerry. He is viciously attacked by both the MSM and the Democrats. Afterwards, did the Democrats sit around whining about how they were not being a big enough tent by kicking Miller to curb? Did the Democrats argue that they needed to move to the right, to be more moderate, in order to win the next Presidential election? HELL NO! They went further to the left than even that Senator from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. They went out and got a radical community organizer and said to hell with going moderate.  The Pubs, meanwhile, went out and nominated the most moderate of all U.S. Republican Senators.  And he got his ass handed to him.

Moderates are only for themselves. Their loyalty is an inch wide and an inch deep.  Pandering to moderates is a waste of time. It’s like trying to keep a bitch in heat locked up. She’s gonna run away, first chance she gets, with any old dog that comes around.  Even when Republicans actually nominate a “moderate.” The chances of them copulating with the right dog and not running off with the wrong dog depends on their mood. Speaking of bitches, Meghan McCain perfectly makes my point here, as she famously flirted with voting for Obama over her own father.

One response to “A tale of two men. Or why the Republican party should not go moderate.

  1. I used to work for Colin Powell when he was the commanding general of V Corps in Europe. I still have letters of commendation and thanks bearing his signature. Then, he was decisive and reliable as the day is long.

    I do not believe the man has changed politics as much as politics have changed the man. I believe Powell was irrevocably injured by Cheney (that’s a entire post unto itself, I will digress for now), and the RNC who told him:

    You cannot run President because your wife is white;

    We cannot support you for President because we are beholden to someone else;

    We will not support you run for President because someone inside the Beltway is pissed at you.

    Powell the General would have made a great President. The kind of man we would have been proud to name first President of color. But I believe the inter-party bickering, and someone within the Bush White House trying to make Powell their version of Oliver North (without Powell knowing) made the man bitter, ergo his move away from the party.

    We will never know that man again I fear. But I would have walked the streets with bloody knuckles to have him elected. The current version of the man, not so much…

    Just one mans opinion….


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