What REALLY pisses Democrats off about the Liberty University ban of college Democrats

They hate to be reminded of how ungodly their party has

I hope my mommy isn't a Democrat!

I hope my mommy isn't a Democrat!

 become. Not all Democrats, just most of them. Not all of their platform of ideas, just some really big issues. Democrats support the legalization of murder of unborn children. As Jesus will tell them when he comes back, or they go to him, that is a really big issue in his book. A deal breaker. An if-you-accept-that-as-a-part-of-the-Democrat-platform, then-I-am-out-of- here issue. I won’t even get started on the gay marriage crap. 

Look at what happened to the formerly great Democrat party. You have in just a few decades gone from the party that stands up for the helpless, to the party that advocates killing the helpless. And you are so “open-minded,” so “tolerant”, and damn proud of it, that even if you personally abhor abortion, you still willingly allow those who have no problem with abortion to force their views to be the only acceptable option for Democrat candidates and speakers. Think about this–no pro-life speaker is even allowed to speak at the Democratic Party Convention. Pro-life on issues is the death knell for Democrat candidates. And some of you gutless opponents of abortion support that party.

The wonder is that it took this long for Liberty U to stand up and call the Democrat party on the godless stance that has overtaken your party.  Undoubtedly they feared the firestorm that has indeed come to pass by them taking a firm stance against ungodliness.

And I hope that they emphasize at the same time that they are not too pleased with the Republican party, either. The Pubs are corrupt, inept and gutless. But at least they don’t officially endorse as a party platform the murder of innocent babies. [Great endorsement of the Pub party, eh? At least they aren’t as shitty as the Democratic Party. Yeehaaa!]

enochBut you idiots attack Liberty for taking a stand. Because they are pointing out your mistake.  Oh, you dress it up in  flowery language. They are closed-minded, you say. That is anti-free speech. Blah blah blah. But what is really going on is that they are pissing you off. As the Old Testament Prophets used to be reviled when they condemned the ungodly, so too is Liberty U reviled by the ungodly today.

Is Liberty perfect?  Hell no. But they are absolutely correct in this instance. Just a little late to the party. I suspect the reaction of some to Obama’s Notre Dame speech finally startled them out of their slumber. Who says protest doesn’t work? But whatever the reason, I welcome them now.

And to you Democrats who have sat back and allowed your party to be polluted by the godless abomination that is called “pro-choice” I say this: I feel for you. I understand what it must feel like to have liberals take over a formerly great institution and pollute it and change it into a worthless piece of shit organization. You are heavily invested in the party. But your party changed. Either take it back, or leave. I am convinced that God would not have you act any other way.

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