My take on President Obama: Give the Devil his due.

Olbermann gives Obama "intense scrutiny"

Olbermann gives Obama "intense scrutiny"

I despise the man. I despise how he lied, out-right lied, every chance he got in order to get elected. I hate his political philosophy, his ears, his racism, his pandering, even his sissy way of speaking  (anybody else notice how he hisses when words end with the letter S? warsssss.  carssssss. toyssss.).  I hated him for his campaign promises when he made them, because I believed that every one of them was made in a calculated attempt to get elected. Not because he believed them, but because he was opportunistic enough and manipulative enough to get away with saying and doing anything in order to win. And I hate him for the campaign promises that he has kept. And I hate him for the way his particular brand of bull shit was so effective in rallying the  frothing at the mouth liberal anti-American godless heathens that are the Democratic base.

But I’ll give the Devil his due. Some of the promises that he is breaking, or at least moving towards breaking, mean he at least is somewhat responsible when it comes to foreign affairs. He has stepped up attacks by drones over Pakistan.  He hasn’t rushed to release all the prisoners in Guantanimo (yet).  I know that these are precisely the same reasons that give his aforementioned base the most concern about his new Presidency. Maybe that is why I mention it here.  But the rest of his Presidency has been an absolute disaster. I can’t wait until 2012. And did I mention that I hate President Obama?

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