Hillary Clinton: unfair to treat Diplomats’ Hookers differently than their wives

Associated Perversion May 24, 2009: Hillary Clinton, that final arbiter of “fairness,” has decided that the hookers and gigolos of hetersexual U.S. Diplomats should receive the same benefits as do the wives or  husbands of such Diplomats. Treating hookers and gigolos, or just girlfriends and boyfriends, of such Diplomats differently than the wives or husbands of such Diplomats is “unfair and must end,” as they harm U.S. diplomacy. Ms. Clinton claimed that disparate treatment “harmed” U.S. diplomacy as it might cause perverts to quit in protest that their hookers and gigolos do not receive the same benefits as their spouses.  Or never to join the diplomacy effort to begin with.      

No. Wait. By now my astute readers will have guessed that I am making this up. She did not really say that the hookers and gigolos, the boyfriends and girlfriends of hetersexual diplomats were going to receive equal treatment to the wives and husbands. What she really said was that the same sex perverts could get the same bennies as the spouses of heterosexuals.  My point is that if it is “unfair” to treat the love-interest of homos differently than spouses, it is equally “unfair” to treat the other love-interests differently. I demand equal treatment for all perversions in life. No more special treatment just for queers. If the former governor of New York receives an Ambassadorship somewhere, you just know he is going to need a whole lotta money to keep up his hooker perversion habit.

This just illustrates that when you have no moral compass, when homos are the same as hetersos, your “logic” is fucked up. Your “logic” leads to all perversions being treated as though they were equal–and just as beneficial to society–as hetersexual marriage.  Hillary is wrong. She just doesn’t have the brains to think the issue out as far as I have in this post. Or she has thought it out, came to the same conclusion that I have, and that is her ultimate goal, to have all of a diplomats love-interests, no matter how perverted, to be treated the same as their spouses. In that case, she really is as evil as I have always feared…

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