Bring back SHAME

There was a reason women were called sluts. There was a reason, even if it was misguided, why adultresses were labeled with a crimson letter A. Single parenthood bad, mother and father parenthood good. Now they are openly admired.  See photo to left.  I know it is politically incorrect and will further inflame every liberal’s belief that I am a racist, but African American women need to be shamed. Too many are stupid. (I know, I know, many whiteys and yellows and browns need to be shamed as much or more.) But for crying out loud, the rate of black African-American unwed motherhood is as out of control as Bill Clinton amongst a gaggle of interns. So I’ll direct this at black women, just to piss off liberals, but realize this is directed at all women. Just don’t tell the liberals. I enjoy pissing them off. 😉

The object of my ire? A black man out in Tennessee at age 29 has 20, possibly 21 children with various women, ages infant to 11 years old. Many women have  had more than one child with him. How dumb is that?

He has had 4 children born in two different years. What kind of ignorant slut keeps sleeping with this man? And what ignorant slut keeps neglecting to use birth-control with  him?

I sadly expect the man to keep doing this. Men are pigs. Duh. Shame won’t work on him. He probably brags about it to his ignorant chums. But for God’s sake, keep your slutty legs together you ignorant bitches who know him, and men like him.

He makes minimum wage. I don’t want my taxes (or anybody else’s) going to help support your ignorant bastards because you are too slutty to keep your legs together, or too stupid to prevent unwanted births. SHAME ON YOU.

From The Brookings Institution: “Since 1970, out-of-wedlock birth rates have soared. In 1965, 24 percent of black infants and 3.1 percent of white infants were born to single mothers. By 1990 the rates had risen to 64 percent for black infants, 18 percent for whites. Every year about one million more children are born into fatherless families. If we have learned any policy lesson well over the past 25 years, it is that for children living in single-parent homes, the odds of living in poverty are great. The policy implications of the increase in out-of-wedlock births are staggering.”

Searching for an Explanation

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