Waldo Jaquith: Are you REALLY this dumb, or are you playing dumb?

The gist of his latest dumb ass comment? That prisoners released from the American penal system have a higher recidivism rate than the terror suspects released from Gitmo.  As if that is somehow relevant.  His “conclusion” is that either the Guantanimo detainees who were released were either “better persons” than those Americans released from the American penal system, or they are “five times more likely to be innocent.”

How ignorant is his comment? Let me count the ways. One, nobody said that all those detained were guilty of anything. That is precisely one of the reasons why it is a violation of the Geneva Convention to wage war out of uniform, and why a violation of such rules can get one shot imediately as a spy. The problem with telling the enemy combatants from the innocent civilians is a problem caused by the terrorists, not us. The ones that we had cause to suspect were detained, the same as we detained Nazis in WWII. The Nazis weren’t entitled to habeus corpus or any other bull shit supposed Constitutional Rights. Because they aren’t Americans, and we were in a war that we did not start and did not want to be involved in. See the parallel, Mr. Intellectual Lightweight?

Two, it could be equally possible that some of those were enemy combatants learned that they were getting a little more than they bargained for in fighting the U.S.A. with George W. Bush as Commander in Chief. Instead of virgins, or at least camels to bugger, they got solitary confinement in Gitmo instead. Perhaps we are too easy on our own inmates. Hmm. But that is a subject for another day.

Third, and pay attention Dumb Ass, the detainees who went back to the war are trying to kill people–American citizens. Many of them are succeeding. The vast majority of people released from the American penal system are not murderers. We try to lock up those people for life.  Or fry them here in Virginia. So if some pothead gets released, and then gets re-arrested for trying to score an ounce, he becomes one of those 67.5% who are re-arrested. Is he a threat to kill somebody? Probably not (John Doe said sarcastically).  I know some pencil- necked little twerp who  has never been near Iraq or Afghanistan may not give a shit about our troops getting killed over there, and his pot-addled brain can’t fathom that releasing killers has such severe consequences.  But that’s why we let such people have little blogs that nobody reads, and work for newspapers that nobody gives a shit about. And we leave the grown-up work of Government, and of waging war, to the adults.  Class dismissed, twerp.

p.s. I notice even Obama is planning on continuing to detain the Gitmo detainees. Even if that means in SuperMax prisons here in the U.S. Sometimes even juveniles can come to the correct decisions.

5 responses to “Waldo Jaquith: Are you REALLY this dumb, or are you playing dumb?

  1. FYI, David Waldo Jaquith has just recently been exposed as an adult baby and diaper lover:

    Word has it he gets his jollies off on ogling young children in diapers and might even be a pedophile to boot! o_O

    For anyone reading this…if you have *ANY* ties at all with the suspected pedophile David Waldo Jaquith…I’d severe them now and deny you ever even knew the guy, lest he drag you down with him!

  2. As a lawyer I recommend that you temper your comments about anybody being a pedophile. Your comment makes an accusation that is possible to prove factually to be untrue. It is defamation per se in Virginia, and you could be sued. I get that you are likely joking and making creative use with Photoshop, but for safety sake put some disclaimer after your comments such as “This is ‘Falwell v. Flynt’ type of parody.” As you may be aware, Penthouse had a parody of a popular whiskey ad at the time, which began “when was your first time?” Penthouse had Falwell saying his first time was with his own mother in the outhouse. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned a jury verdict in Falwell’s favor, saying it was obvious parody. But it cost Flynt millions of dollars to defend himself. And your comment is not so obviously a parody.

  3. Keep in mind that I would *NEVER* do to someone what I wouldn’t be willing to have done to myself. In fact I once infuriated a guy so badly he actually hacked into the Nambla website and defaced the front end of it with pictures of me…not that it bothered me…at all.

    These “attacks” against Waldo are in fact MIRRORS of his own attempted attacks against me, using my convenient bait:

    He started posting links to that spoof article that *I* created on ED, purporting it as the gospel and all out truth and has since been running around trying to convince people that I’m everything from an adult baby to a pedophile.

    Why is he doing that?

    Because he lost an argument over Flash in regards to web development:

    Rather than refute my claims or own up to his mistakes, he chose to try and attack me outright using said article on ED, amongst several other colorful insults:

    …a monumental mistake on his part.

    As it says in my Usenet sig, never, *EVER* fuck with someone who has more creativity than you do. That said, I have given him an opportunity to end all this fun if he really wants to:

    Let’s see if he takes it! ^__^

  4. Oh, also, I’m not worried about getting sued. Such would be an obvious attempt at squeezing blood out of a rock on his part seeing as how I have next to nothing as far as assets are concerned.

    I’d simply declare bankruptcy if I lost, he’d wind up with nothing, and would wind up with some pretty nasty legal fees to pay off.

    And of course such a lawsuit would also be a gamble given all the case precedence regarding parody and satire, as you said, thanks to good ‘ol Larry Flint. As such, he would in fact risk LOSING such a case and if I counter sued, well, he’d wind up having to pay for *MY* legal fees…amongst other things. Simply put…he has stuff to lose…I don’t. God bless the American judicial system! ^__^

  5. He he. I think he is a stupid little prick. And yes, practically speaking, the guy with nothing to lose has a HUGE advantage over the guy with everything to lose. So keep attacking the little prick!

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