Liberty University: FINALLY a University with some balls

Finally, somebody with the intestinal fortitude to essentially call the Democrat rear%20truck%20shot%20copyParty the party of the godless heathen. Damn straight. Pro-queer. Pro-abortion. Pro-communism. Anti-American. I know, I know: There are some very fine people who are Democrats. Just as there were some fine people who lived in Nazi Germany during WWII.  But let’s face it–the animals are in control of the zoo over at the DNC national HQ.

And a word about the clenched-bun hissy fit being thrown by bloggers about this move by Liberty.  Those bloggers have no problem booing a conservative speaker off a stage, or denying a Christian club financing at a secular university because the club isn’t “inclusive enough” to admit queers and atheists. They have no problem denying conservatives tenure, or even refusing to hire them in the first place, simply because they are conservative. I say ABOUT DAMN TIME conservatives stood up to godless heathen and called a spade a spade.  Let the stuck pigs squeal.

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