A litmus test for the Republican Party


Or a list of them, anyway. A line in the sand. If you cannot pass these simple tests, then you must be forced out of the party IMMEDIATELY:

1. You must actively support the G.O.P. Presidential candidate. (ooops. that rules out Colin a.k.a. “the Racist” Powell.)

2. You must swallow your pride and support the party line if you are one of only three Republicans in the entire fucking nation to support a ginormous spending boondoggle that was written by Nancy Pelosi and crammed down the country’s throat with zero input from the Republican minority. (oops again. there goes the Maine Bobsey Twins and Benedict Specter.)

I’m sure that there are many more that a vast majority of Republicans could all agree upon. Can anybody help me with a few more core principals that we all must abide with, so that we avoid “taking our principles and throwing them out the door and become a whorehouse by letting anybody in who wants to come in, regardless.”

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