Vivian Paige stoops to new low (if that were possible)

And uses a Martin Luther King, Jr. quotation to support “GLBT Make_it_official!_Click_here_to_get_your_very_own_certificate_of_Debaptismequality” (what ever the hell that means).  Even that (alleged) serial womanizer never supported gay marriage.  What’s next? Using the Sermon on the Mount to argue in support of SSM? Is nothing too profane in your eternal quest to make the immoral moral? Hopefully, your father would roll over in his grave if he knew what an advocate you have become on behalf of the immoral.  But besides being profane, your post is idiotic. GLBT already have equal rights as the rest of us. None of the rest of us can marry whomever we choose, only those mates who fit within the general laws regarding marriage. Are you also in favor of underage marriages, polygamy and marriage to inanimate objects, and marriage to animals? If not, why are you so closed-minded? Pedophiles are people too.   You disgust me.

I’m almost certain that you were baptized earlier in life. The fact that your father was a preacher is my first clue. Here, PLEASE, copy yourself a Debaptism Certificate. Be as immoral as you choose. Ungodliness can be quite satisfying for awhile. I know from past experience.  But you going around advocating that what is sin is not sin, meanwhile calling yourself a Christian, or at least leaving some in doubt, is beneath contempt. At least admit that you are a godless heathen before you go around espousing such damnable ideas.

p.s. Ooops. Guess I’m not going to make next week’s “Weekly Influence Index.” 

p.p.s. I regret that I will be unable to make your Memorial Day bash. I’m sure I will be missed.

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