Republican U.S. Representative from Florida losing his Chrysler dealership

Obama wouldn’t be so devious. Would he?  Rep. Vern Buchanan, 022609oshitVenice Florida.  It has been there 10 years, and typically has average sales of over 700 vehicles per year, more than twice the national average for Chrysler dealerships.  What “proof” do I have that this is politically motivated from the Obama Administration? None. But Obama surely would if he could. And he can. That is the problem with allowing the Government to control private businesses. The Obama Administration is out of control.  They had the G.M. of General Motors fired.  And don’t give me this shit about how George Bush started it. He gave them money. Obama is taking their business and converting it to a business owned by his union supporters and the U.S. Government. This is just an outrage, and most sheeple don’t even care.

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