Republican Senators: FIGHT Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court!

Just because they are liberals. Liberals started this war. They made the new rules of engagement. Play by their rules, or get fucked.

Must read article by Ed Gillespie at the WaPo: “Republicans cannot accept the premise that it’s okay for liberals to vote against Supreme Court nominees who believe in a strict constructionist judicial philosophy but not okay for conservatives to vote against those who embrace empathetic activism on the bench.”

“The encroachment on executive prerogative is unfortunate, and its polarizing effect is unhealthy. But the shift in the balance of power from the presidency to Congress inherent in this approach is less troublesome than the inevitable leftward shift of our highest court if Republicans maintain the traditional standard while Democrats deploy an ideological one.”

Obama and Hitlery set the ground rules. Engage, Maverick. Engage! Republican Senators, you big lugs, take on his nominee or lose me forever.

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