Craigslist getting screwed: IT IS NOT the job of private citizens running legitimate businesses to do the polices’ job for them

Andrew Cuomo, Democrat Attorney General of New York, is 1233603898216pandering again.  He is blaming Craigslist because some prostitutes use the service to obtain Johns. Prostitution in New Yawk? Say it ain’t so! What’s next? Illegal drugs?

Until Craigslist gets serious about putting real protections in place, it will continue to be an environment where criminal operations thrive with impunity,” Cuomo said.” Said the grandstanding guy who intends to run for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. 

“According to Cuomo, RSE bookers [the hooker booking agency]would post ads on the site that contain pornographic images [which images are legal, pursuant to liberal Justices saying pornography is free speech] and a phone number to arrange a date with a prostitute [and we all know that there is no prostitution in New York but for Craigslist], and continuously post new listings to keep their ads prominently featured.”

When potentials clients would call the number listed, bookers at the Ozone Park office would answer the numerous phone lines and ask callers his location and what he was looking for, before setting up appointments with various prostitutes. According to Cuomo, “the bookers were instructed not to explicitly discuss sex during the telephone conversations [so how was Craigslist supposed to know that they were prostitutes unless they used their services, Mr. Dumb Ass?] with the Johns and instead use designated terms to describe the services. For example GFE means girl friend experience or skiing and rock climbing means drugs and partying.”

“If the John wanted to go through with the service, the booker would then send out a driver to escort the prostitute to an arranged location.” [ditto].  

I’m the first to say prostitution is immoral and should be illegal. But it is the job of the police to stop prostitution. New York city doesn’t even bother to police its own streets for prostitution. Hell, their own Governor was a John of a high priced call girl.  If they want to police prostitution, it seems as though Craigslist is making it easy on them. Let the police go on Craigslist and snag them undercover.  Don’t try to make Craigslist the police snitch and censorer because some are abusing the services at Craigslist. But no, the Nazi thugs who are Democrats always try to overreach, grandstand, of act like the fools that they are.

2 responses to “Craigslist getting screwed: IT IS NOT the job of private citizens running legitimate businesses to do the polices’ job for them

  1. I find that more and more people in “the hobby” are using trusted alternative services like Naughty Reviews

  2. Ruh Roh. I guess I’m guilty of creating an environment where criminal activity can survive. Let me tell you, StaciJay, I think your actions are despicable. But I’m leaving your response up, because I don’t censor. If idiots are so lame that they have to hire a hooker, I’m not going to stop them.

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