Republican Politicians Lack Guts

And only care about getting re-elected.  Former V.P. Dick Cheney is cheney_short_of_breathapparently causing consternation amongst G.O.P. strategists for his vocal opposition to The Obameister’s attacks on the Bush Administration. They want him to shut up and let other Republicans do the talking.  But that is just the problem: the vast majority of Republican politicians are gutless milk toasts who are afraid to stand up to Obama. They know that they will be attacked mercilessly by the Dems and their accomplices the MSM. They fear Obama’s high approval rating. So the only person with any guts is a former GOP politician who has approval ratings in the teens.

But Cheney has something that they don’t have–he doesn’t give a damn about approval ratings.  He doesn’t give a damn about convention. Or about civility. He calls a spade a spade (racist pun intended).  He calls a Republican deserter who supported Obama for President what he is, a Democrat.  The Republican party might not want Cheney speaking for it, but they are for the most part too gutless to speak for themselves. Thank you, Mr. Cheney. And fuck you, Republican politicians who are too gutless to speak up.

2 responses to “Republican Politicians Lack Guts

  1. I so wanted Bush to tell the Dems and the press… but I repeat myself… to go screw themselves and then resign, leaving Cheney as President…..

    I always agreed with the moonbats when they screamed “impeach” at the protest rallies. Then I would yell, “Go President Cheney!”

    Would drive them crazy.

  2. Cheney for President in 2012. LIZ Cheney.

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