There is a reason that Doug Mataconis is a collection attorney

Collection attorneys are almost the lowest rung in the hierarchy of attorneys. Maybe bitchslapcourt appointed criminal attorneys are lower. The dumb ass   a/k/a Little Dougie can’t read, can’t follow an argument, and constructs straw man arguments, and then attacks them instead of what the person actually said. Do I have to type slowly so that Dumbass Mataconis can follow what I am about to say? I. Think. So. Carrie Prejean said:

“I exercised my freedom of speech and I was punished for doing so.” Dumbass Mataconis (copyright pending) then went on to say that she was wrong. Dumbass Dougie, you idiot moron who should be disbarred for being so illogical, let me point out the error of your post. 

Ms. Prejean said: “I exercised my freedom of speech.” Yup. We have freedom of speech in America. She exercised it. I can speak freely on T.V., on a blog, on the radio, in the street. It is called “freedom of speech.” The fact that she was on T.V. meant that she was in a limited public forum. The Government could not censor her point of view and allow other of your fellow faggot compatriots to put forth their point of view but censor hers. So SHE DID HAVE A RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You with me so far, knuckle dragging room temperature I.Q. idiot Dougie?   She is absolutely correct so far.

She goes on: “And I was punished for doing so.” Yup, once again, true. She was punished for exercising her freedom of speech. She did not say it was a violation of her First Amendment rights, you ignorant fuck. She didn’t say that the Government did anything wrong. She said she was “punished” for exercising her “right to free speech.” If you were not such an ignorant fuck dirtbag you might understand the difference. I have a First Amendment right to tell you what a stupid mother fucker you are on my blog. But if my wife refuses to speak to me because she reads this, and is apalled by what I write, I still “exercised my freedom of speech” and was also “punished for exercising it,” (by my wife) even though the Government did not punish me. I can still truthfully say I was “punished” for exercising my rights. And twits like you are still wrong in walking in, limp-wristed as you do (and you KNOW you walk limp-wristed) and whining about it not being a violation of my First Amendment Rights. NOBODY said it was a violation of First Amendment Rights, you moron. That is a straw man that you constructed. The operative word is “punished.”

Here is your problem. Besides the fact that you are likely a queer, and a godless heathen to boot, you go out of your way to try to pick a fight with people who actually have morals and standards (and common sense). And in this case she is what? Twenty-two years old? Wow, yer a big man! Might I suggest that you shut the fuck hell up until there is actually a controversy that you can win? Surely, somewhere, some juvenile that you can beat in an argument must be waiting for you. Is it possible that you put training wheels on  your blog? You need ’em.

Update: 5/14/09: Turns out dumbass Doug’s little rant was not even his own thinking. “The Other McCain” has a video on about Doug Keith Olbermann saying verbatim what Dumbass Doug said. That’s “word for word” for you dumbass lawyers who obtained your collection, er law degrees, via correspondence school.

5 responses to “There is a reason that Doug Mataconis is a collection attorney

  1. with the exception of the carpet ‘F’ bombing in your post; I do agree with it’s content.

    Doug claims to be a Libertarian, but it rarely shows up in his posts. Attacking Ms. Prejean was completely without merit…

  2. Yeah, I know, I went back and took most of them out this morning. A couple of beers and a lot of venom towards all those little people who are attacking this girl for having the same opinions as Obama made me do it. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Get a fucking life you people attack others for no reason

  4. Come out from behind your daddy’s hoop skirt and say that to our faces, bitch.

  5. Dammit DV…tell her how you really feel…;)


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