Should the GOP dump Rush Limbaugh?

58983_new_0Listening to the MSM and the liberal pundits and the Democrat party leaders, the answer is yes.  But that would be like having Obama take advice from Putin on what America should do to improve. Or having the Pittsburgh Steelers take advice from Matt Millen, formerly of the Detroit Lions, on what the Steelers need to do to improve.  Or, for you idiot liberals who don’t know what I am talking about, for Perez Hilton to take advice from Carrie Prejean on how he ought to change his stance on same-sex marriage to conform to hers.  Democrats do not know what they are talking about, and even if they do on occasion, they never have the best interest of the Republican Party in mind when they give their unsolicited advice. 

Funny, these same people claim that the GOP needs to have a “bigger tent”–so big that it can contain purported Republicans who deserted their party nominee to support the Democrat nominee for President. They claimed that the Republicans needed to run a “moderate” for President, and they still did not vote for him.  Yet now they want the GOP to alienate millions of the conservative base who listen to him daily. Some big tent.

People who have never listened to Rush Limbaugh for more than a few minutes, and who have developed their opinion of him based upon what the MSM says about him, somehow know what millions of his loyal listeners don’t? Isn’t it much more likely that they want the Republicans to be more like the Democrats. Duh. They are Democrats. Of course they would prefer the Republicans to be more like Democrats. I’d prefer the Democrats to be more like southern conservative Democrats. I’d prefer the Democrats to be more like Zell Miller. But does anybody think the Democrats are stupid enough to take my advice on how they should run their party?

Besides, if they truly thought Rush Limbaugh and the like are destroying the Republican party, do you really think that they would say a damn thing about it? When your enemy is digging a hole, don’t stop him. Democrats are trying to stop the Republican Party from digging a deeper hole? Out of the goodness of their hearts? Yeah, and I have a $1,000 dollar bill that I can sell you for $50 bucks.

5 responses to “Should the GOP dump Rush Limbaugh?

  1. Joe the Plumber

    Hell no, keep old Rush “I can’t go to Vietnam because I have a cyst on my ass” Limbaugh talking as MUCH as possible.

    Every word that comes out of his mouth lowers the GOP’s chances.

  2. Wow, if ONLY he had gone to ‘Nam as a fucking photographer (alGore), or ran off to Russia because he “loathed the military” (Bubba “cumstain” Clinton). Yeah, that’s the ticket, you idiot.

  3. Joe the Plumber

    At least Gore and Kerry actually WENT to Vietnam, unlike Cheney who got 5 draft deferments because he had “other priorites”, and Bush who only flew dangerous missions over Houston.

    Now shut the fuck up before I bitch slap your silly ass with more facts

  4. Hey, dumbasss, check how many deferments Joe Biden had. You are such a blind partisan it only matters when it is a Republican. When it is a democrat you shove it up your ass and pretent it is your momma giving you an enema.

  5. Joe the Plumber

    Biden and the Democrats AREN’T the ones always pounding the war drum either, are they assclown?

    You say I’m partisan? Don’t make me laugh. Your head is so far up Limbaughs ass he could use your nose for a fucking cigar.

    Now shut the fuck up and go find me a SINGLE GOP congress that actually reduced spending and/or lowered the national debt.

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