Boycott black businesses

Some racists have started a website encouraging

The Face of a Racist--Maggie Anderson

The Face of a Racist--Maggie Anderson

blacks to only patronize “black-owned businesses.”  Maggie and John Anderson of Chicago have started the “Empowerment Experiment” to encourage other blacks to only buy goods and services from other blacks. “My people have been  here 400 years, and they don’t even have a Walmarts to show for it,” the racist Maggie Anderson was quoted as saying.  

In an ideal world these morons would be castigated for racism and anti-Americanism. But in Barry’s World they are “news” and reported on as though they are normal people, instead of the cancer on society that they really are.  Imagine, pulling over a car based solely upon the race of the driver. Or striking a juror from a panel of jurors based solely upon the race of the particular person. Or refusing to sell a house, or rent a car, or loan money, based solely upon the race of the person. Imagine if white people did that to black people.  They would be properly condemned, ridiculed and treated like the pariahs that they are.      

Here’s a clue, Maggie and John Anderson: “My people” don’t own a Walmart, either. I don’t go around asking owners of businesses if they are 1/2 Swedish immigrants, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Unknown before I patronize their businesses.  Hopefully your friends and neighbors will buy you a clue and tell you the truth. You two are racist pigs. Period. But unfortunately, instead of telling you the truth, your friends and acquaintances apparently instead admire you. You. Suck.

5 responses to “Boycott black businesses

  1. I totally support you! She is a racist, plain and simple. I have been boycotting black owned business in North Carolina and also boycott major advertisers that pass alone their racist messages. I guess we need a bumper sticker that reads “I am, because you are..” Because I am, because they are. And they will tear down America rather than lift it up. Boycott Black Owned Business Now!!

  2. That’s Okay Suprise this Happens all over amoung Black “Communities” and the black populace.

    If you are disgusted by this and they way its pandered to a “An Interesting story/ political movement”
    Here’s what you Do ‘Stupid Non-Black People’:
    You Do the same thing Times 10 – All The Time
    Don’t Patronize Black Businesses/
    Spread your money (and Hire people like they do)
    After all i’ve Seen stories where the “Black Community” Wants total control on Hiring people (Black People) when the government is Spending Money to Improve “The Enviornment” in Ghetto/ inner city areas.
    Right tell them since whites pay most taxes local whites decide to hire whites only for the gov’t project. GIVE ME A BREAK
    The Truth This is what Blacks/ Black Communities do even when there’s no publicity/ news story.. We should do the same.

  3. It’s time to hit the Black community in the pocket book.
    Boycott all sporting events that have more than 10% blacks, Black movies stars and musicians.
    Also, contact the advetisers (GM, GE) and start boycotting them who pay millions to these racist.
    They have become a virus in America and need a wake up call.

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