The worthless bastard can’t even publicly support the G.O.P. candidate (Toomey) in Pennsylvania over the turn-coat Democrat candidate Benedict Specter . What a worthless piece of shit both of them are.  Specter, Ridge, John McCain and his entire family, The Maine Twin fuck ups, all RINOs, go. Just. Get. The. Fuck. Out.

“It’s a wonderful country, this America. It’s called a secret ballot,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge said Thursday — as he refused to pledge his support to former Congressman Pat Toomey over recent Republican-turned-Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter for his homestate’s 2010 Senate race.

“Ridge’s comment came in response to this question posed by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “If you had to vote between Toomey, the conservative Republican, or Specter, the ex-Republican, who would you vote for?”

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