Top Ten Reasons President Obama to skip National Day of Prayer

Obama to skip National Day of Prayer. Here are his  3332253528_7b71237f76_oreasons:

1. Prayer? What is prayer?

2. He went to church to solely to use as a prop to help himself get elected. He won. He is no longer running for office. Do I have to draw you a picture?

3. George Soros forbid him.

4. He doesn’t want to piss off his rabid liberal athiest base.

5. He didn’t want to be a bad influence on his children and the children of America.  In his opinion, only right-wing whackos actually pray.   

6. Prayer? He don’t need no stinkin prayer!

7. He didn’t want to be heard praying the way Rev. Wright taught him to pray: “God bless America? NO NO NOOOOO!  GOD DAMN AMERICA!”

8. The way he normally prays in private would look so awkward in public, getting out his prayer rug, bowing towards Mecca and uttering “Allah Achbar” etc.

9. He’s too busy saving the world.  Besides, how is he going to read the teleprompter with his eyes closed and his head bowed?

10. If the nation isn’t praying to Obama, then Obama isn’t praying for the nation.

3 responses to “Top Ten Reasons President Obama to skip National Day of Prayer

  1. Hey there
    Enjoyed you blog, and I have read a few of the other ones as well. Take a look at my blog:; dealing with Gay Marriage (
    I’d love to dialog with you about perhaps placing a link there so my readers could take a look at what you’re doing.
    Again, keep up the suburb work!
    Aaron Myers

  2. Sure, I’d love to. I took a quick look at your blog and it seemed very thoughtful. However, note that you might want to warn your readers–I do not have a problem throwing around an occasional “F-Bomb” in order to make a point. I don’t mean to offend but am too old and too set in my ways to change. Or to even want to change.

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