Princess Caroline Kennedy wasn’t dumped on her ass by Gov. Patterson

in his choice to appoint a successor to Sen. Hillary Clinton. She succumbed to pressure from her children, wink wink. Her oldest daughter said, “Mom, you are above this.” And I have some ocean-front property to sell you in Kansas, too!  More likely the oldest daughter said: “Um, like, Mother, like, you um, uh, are not, like, you know, gonna win. Duh! So, umm, like, you know, you should have, like, umm, ya know, withdrawn!” And it took dumbass Princess Caroline this long to think up that lie story, tell it to some idiot bimbo who would report it as being true.

One dumbass liberal hugging another

One dumbass liberal hugging another











I refuse to believe that there are people stupid enough to believe that crap that she voluntarily withdrew.

2 responses to “Princess Caroline Kennedy wasn’t dumped on her ass by Gov. Patterson


    One thing I’ve learned: Never convince a voter to change party affiliation.
    I never knew who Sarah Palin was.
    Then someone gifted me with her best-selling tome and I went rogue.
    Before Sarah Palin there was Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    I loved the way she exclaimed “Absolutely!”
    When interviewed for her autobiographical masterpiece,
    Copies of which I bought for giveaways.
    I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the primary.
    Kith and kin voted for Barack Hussein Obama. (hmm, hmm, hmm)..
    There’s a lot of drama within our familial and familiar circles.
    United in our diversity.
    We were divided and subdivided
    By political fortunes as well as misfortunes.
    The immediate members of our family were Republicans.
    I was the lone Democrat.
    When Barack Hussein Obama (Hmm, hmm, hmm)
    Materialized, they declared themselves Independent.
    My vote was all set for Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Journolists hillaried her for the audacity of hope
    A la Rev. Wright g_ddamning America.
    As far as I know, had it been a Republican primary,
    Hillary could have grabbed the nomination.
    In fact she reached the highest ceiling of popular votes.
    The day she conceded I died a certain death.
    From the chrysalis of my grief
    I zoomed into a stigmatized Republican.
    The rest of kith and kin switched party affiliation.
    The res oft kith and kin turned Democrats..
    It’s the fault of George W. Bush, they said.
    No, I countered, it’s the fault of Botox Pelosi ands Dirty Harry
    And the rigging of the caucuses by the ACORN and their community organizers.
    Ferraro, Feinstein and Carville could only eat their hearts out..
    Stop whining, they hushed me.
    The messiah of our hope has come.
    We are the change we are waiting for.
    Frankly, up to this point in time,
    Mother does not really give a damn.
    Trust me. Not one in our family is named Scarlett,
    Or Vivian. My nephew surnamed Clark.
    Left the house in response to a three o’clock call.
    He never bothered to come home. No, he wasn’t
    Drafterd for Afghanistan or Iraq. He just disappeared.
    Must be the fault of George W. Bush!
    Have you lost your job?
    The fault of George W. Bush!
    Is the economy akin to Bo palling with the Black Panthers?
    The fault of George W. Bush.!
    O tempora! O mores!
    The fault of George W. Bush is become everlasting mantra!!
    Or of Dick Cheeney! Or of Karl Rove!
    Or of Sarah Palin! Or of Hillary Rodham Clinton!
    Where has Donald Rumsfeld gone?
    Why’s he ain’t asked to account for the martyrdom of Saddam Hussein?
    You betcha! We’ve got to move on:
    Hilllary or Sarah, it does not matter anymore.
    They are both human like you and me.
    Only, we have made of them the symbol
    Of our American Dream.
    Every election is a celebration of freedom.
    Every vote is sacred.
    Every ballot is secret..
    Vote whom you wish to vote.
    Vote for Angle. Vote for Reid.
    Vote for Fiorina. Vote for(“General, call me Senator”) Boxer.
    Celebrate freedom. Celebrate life. Vote.
    You don’t need a teleprompter to vote..
    On November 2, get out and vote.
    God bless America.
    America, bless God..

  2. That was really nice. 😉

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