Largest Ocean Sunfish ever?

Wow. A.k.a. the mola mola, or the common mola.


9 responses to “Largest Ocean Sunfish ever?

  1. I have seen numerous Sunfish when fishing in the Florida Keys and they are hugh!

    Hard to estimate size when they are in the water and this is without a doubt the largest I have seen

  2. I used to go scuba and snorkeling in the keys during the three day mini season for Florida lobster, with a spear gun on the ready just in case. Some of the best times of my life! I don’t remember ever seeing a life sunfish, but once came upon an 8-10′ nurse shark that was sleeping in a hole in coral. I had heard that sharks couldn’t sit still but this one was. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. I just noticed the midget on the far right. Awesome!

  4. did you see the man with the monocle? right of the dorsal fin? midget, sunfish, monocle, AWESOME!


  6. john joe – nurse sharks can sleep still, most sharks cant. google it :p

  7. Erm – Any idea when this photo was taken? Coz the little guy on the right is still alive and works as a security guard –

    Vampire Midgets? Nahhh ..

  8. What midget on the right??? That’s the Captain see, ya I said it. He’s tougher than he looks

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