Excellant article by a moderate Republican on why Arlen Specter is a traitor

By Bruce Bialosky…”The reason we are probably more aggravated [at 090209-benedict-specter6Specter, Snowe and Collins for voting for the “Stimulus Package”] is two-fold. First, you tarnished the good name of moderate Republicans by signing on to that turkey. Second, we understand that politics is a team sport. Do we like everything about our most conservative Republican friends? Absolutely we do not. But when the team says we are going one way, we don’t appoint ourselves as special arbitrators and undercut everyone else in the party….”

“Senator Snowe, we want to keep you and Senator Collins in the Republican Party and any other moderate. We believe there is plenty of room for us moderates under the big Republican tent. But if you continue to act like Arlen Specter — being a cowboy and more concerned about your political hide than political principles — then we will also have a big fiesta for your departure.”

“Big Tent” works both ways. If you want to come in under the “big tent” then you have certain obligations to the others within the tent.  Sometimes that means substituting the will of the majority for your will, especially when you are in such a minority position.  Only three Republicans out of the entire House and Senate voted for that bill.

All too often–hell, (dare I say it?) every fucking time–the moderates stab the conservatives in the back. Just for the hell of it. There was not a damn reason in the world that Specter, Collins and Snowe could not have sided with the Republicans, and forced the Democrats to act in a bi-partisan manner rather than jamming the bill down the throats of the Republicans. In that case, Specter would not have faced such overwhelming opposition from Republicans, he would not have had to switch parties, Olympia Snowe wouldn’t have her panties/Depends all twisted into knots, and moderate Republicans everywhere wouldn’t be crying about how picked upon they are.

4 responses to “Excellant article by a moderate Republican on why Arlen Specter is a traitor

  1. We do not have to view the departure of Senator Arlen Specter with bitterness. We have known for years that Specter’s presence in the Republican Party was more than a little problematic. Now that he has left we no longer have that problem, and that is a good thing.

    Consider the implications. Specter left because he knew he could not win the nomination of the Republican Party. Specter is a powerful incumbent, a long time elected official. Yet by his own admission, he knew he could not win. That is an incredible victory for the party rank and file and proof that the party label actually means something. When Republicans go to the voters, we can now tell the electorate we have begun cleaning out the deadwood, those elected Republicans who will not abide by the party’s values.

    Instead of complaining about Specter leaving, why don’t we start campaigning for Senators Snowe and Collins to join him? With numerous votes have not both these ladies already proven it is useless to expect them to abide by the principles of the Republican Party?

  2. Always good to read your material, Tom. I don’t know what the answer is. I think states eventually get the representation that they want and deserve. Either Snowe/Collins, I forget which one, obtained about a 75% of the vote in the last election. We can either have a Republican who sides against us 50% of the time or so (guestimate) or a Democrat who sides against us 95% of the time. Personally, I think we should require minimum requirements. Something like if you want to call yourself a Republican, and you want our support, you have to side with us at least __% of the time, and especially on crucial votes, or you won’t have to quit the party, we will kick you out. Too much of the Republican ill-will (and deserved ill-will) built up out there is that Republicans are no better than Democrats. I think there is a large portion of independents who would vote Republican if only the Republicans got back to their roots and actually stood for something.

  3. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

    I didn’t know that Arlen helped secure bail for a murderer that later jumped bail and disappeared for 16 years…only to be caught over seas. What an absolute ass this guy is and can’t wait to watch his demise. Too bad Democrats will still vote for him now that there is that big “D” before his name…Wright Lowell?

  4. I heard about that guy several years ago. It was even on like 60 minutes or something like it. Left his girlfriend in a box in his apartment, fled to Europe, Fucking French wouldn’t deport him to us. Didn’t know Specter was involved, either. But I recently heard that the guy is a founder of Earth Day. Swell guys those liberals.

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