From On High/Jerry Furman: Should Republicans support Obama’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court?

Are you kidding me? Even to ask the question is ridiculus in barack-obama-liar1my opinion.  Obama voted against Alito and Roberts when Bush nominated them. What caused him to vote against confirming them? They. Were. Conservative. The only Republican/conservative who should support Obama’s nominee are naive waifs or bumbling idiots.  Or those who just have not thought about it.   Since I respect the writings over at “From On High” I have to conclude that Jerry Furman just has not given it much thought.   In short, Mr. Furman’s position is that Obama won, so  he gets to choose and Mr. Furman will support his nomination.

First, I recommend that every Republican/conservative quickly go and read this excellant article at Pajama’s media, “The Right Needs to Play as Dirty as the Left.” For far too long the Right has been playing paddycakes and tiddly winks while the Left has been kicking ass and taking names. While Palin’s family was being given vaginal/proctological examinations, the families Obama and Biden were verbotin.  Even the associates of Obama were off limits, let alone details about his previous jobs and his school records.    

Sure, I do not expect gentlemen such as Mr. Furman to get down in the trenches to my level. The  reason I am so in your face is because so many on the Left are the exact mirror opposite of me.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to smash their pimply-faced communist mouths in for them.  Might as well be me.

But I do expect everyone on the Right to oppose Obama every step of the way. He is trying to ruin America.  Fight him in the oceans. Fight him on the beaches. Fight him in the hedgerows, and in the streets, and in the cities. Our very way of life is being threatened.  We are at the tipping point, if we have not already gone past it. Once a country goes down the path of cradle to grave socialism, with the masses who don’t pay taxes forcing those who do to support them, it is difficult if not impossible to return. Oppose Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court? With my dying breath.

p.s. The Obama Administration frantically seeks a qualified nominee to replace Justice Souter.  Apparently, it isn’t easy finding a liberal who has paid his or her taxes.

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