Democrats attack their own President over his Administration’s holding of enemy combatants without trial

AP Press Release

Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate exoriated the President for his failure to either try those captured on the battle field as enemy combatants or to release them immediately. Said one senior Democrat Senator, who asked not to be identified: “This Administration needs to give the enemy prisoners the same rights and remedies as Americans. They should have the right to a trial by jury, a speedy trial, the right to confront witnesses against them, the right not to bear witness against themselves, etc. and to be released if any of their Constitutional rights have been violated.” 

A trial lawyer for the A.C.L.U., who offered to represent any of the prisoners free of charge, claimed that since the enemy combatants had been held for so long without a trial, had not been offered legal counsel, had been questioned without being informed of their “Miranda Rights” and many of the witnesses against them had died or could not be located, that the American government could not find most of the men guilty in a court of law. “I could get the majority of these prisoners off if they were granted a fair trial,” he said.  “But that will never happen.”

This reporter agrees. At least not so long as our troops are fighting and dying in in the Pacific Theatre and in Europe.  And not so long as Franklin Delano Roosevelt is President.  Those Jap and Kreut prisioners should be kept locked up for the duration of the war. Thank God that Democrats and communist lawyers have not yet come to dominate American politics.

Article written by John Doe’s grandfather, April 30, 1942.


2 responses to “Democrats attack their own President over his Administration’s holding of enemy combatants without trial

  1. That’s a good one John, and it stands still today. No enemy combatant deserves the same rights and Miranda Warning as an American. The ACLU and the Democrats are so tightly knitted I find it amazing that we American have any rights what-so-ever…

    They go out and defend more non-Americans that currently tackling our own issues…Sickening !

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