The next best thing to Arlen Specter dying

is having the gutless piece of shit officially join the Democrats.  The imagesdifference between him and Joe Lieberman is that Lieberman kept his principles and took his beating in the primaries like a man, then ran as an independent. Lieberman now sides mostly with the Democrats, because he is a natural Democrat on almost all issues except national security.  He has principles, and stuck to them.  Specter has no principles. When he saw he was going to get his ass handed to him in the primaries, for pure political expediency he suddenly changed into a Democrat. Why? Because Democrats will elect him Senator, and Republicans wouldn’t. Good riddance you piece of shit. It will be funny seeing how the Democrat partisans suddenly start saying nice things about a Republican Senator.

2 responses to “The next best thing to Arlen Specter dying

  1. Yeah, I just watched the scumbag smile like a cat when he walked out of a room to where his supporters were. He said he doesn’t have to say anything to his constituents…”they have spoken to me”…Enjoy the next election Specter, it will be your last victory.

    Nothing like kissin the ass of a man that can’t even peak on his own…what a bunch of assholes !

  2. Ya know, the more I read this and see it on TV, the more I understand Democrats…when ALL else fails, surrender. Don’t worry about fighting terrorists, pirates or even the neighborhood bully, just simply give in.

    Way to teach our children Arlen, just hide under your desks children, the shooting will stop soon and all will be alright because from now on, we are on the evil’s side…DON’T EVER STAND UP FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR BELIEFS…

    God, I HATE Liberals….

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