Specter to Republicans: I’ll be a Pub if you do what I want, when I want it

Imagine if the Redskins drafted a WR who fancied himself a s5000029NYG. But he said “Ok, I’ll be a ‘Skin. But when the game is on the line, if you want to run it up the middle, and I want to you to pass to the WR, you have to do what I say. Either pass to me, as I say, or I will yell out to the other side and tell them what you are doing.  And I will help tackle the dumbshit who runs it up the middle, if possible. But hey, you  can’t do anything about it. I’m a Redskin, after all. I’m your wide receiver. I’m a Redskin. You can’t stop me. My name is Arlen Specter, WR out of Pennsylvania, class of __.  No, wait. I have no class.

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