Smash Mouth Politics is six months old

We will get over 10,000 views this month. Sorry to all whom I have offended. Thanks to all who come here to read and to share. This photograph shows how the number of views per month has been doubling month over month, except for a couple of hiccups.   


2 responses to “Smash Mouth Politics is six months old

  1. Congrats and a thought for today…

    Is it a coincidence that President Obama was JUST in Mexico? Now, we all know he is a Socialist PIG…and all of a sudden there is a PIG/SWINE Virus running rampant throughout the areas he visited and also where he was in the US…

    I say “Quarantine the PIG” before he can spread his Socialist thoughts further…

  2. The only thing scarier than him being President is having Biden be the Presidunce.

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