If I was being interviewed and some ditzy MSM info-babe asked me what newspapers I read…

The honest answer would be none. I haven’t touched an actual newspaper in weeks, maybe months. I have not been a regular reader of real magazines or newspapers in years.   But I am still more well read than anybody I know. Here’s my daily (or ever other day or so if not all daily) reading list, all on the net. Not necessarily in this order: DrudgeReport, Conservative Grapevine, RichmondTimesDispatch, The DailyBeast, Hot Air, The Other McCain, Blognet News (to see what all the Sheeples are up to), TheFlintJournal, TownHall, Newsbusters, Ace of Spades, CNSNews, American Thinker, Digg, Reddit, iowahawk, instapundit, yahoo finance, RealClearPolitics, Patterico’s Pontifications, AOL, and various articles linked to by all of the above. I occasionally go to RushLimbaugh, although he doesn’t have enough info and he doesn’t update it enough for a non-paid user. I go rarely to Michelle Malkin, I don’t like her format. I also weekly or so go to such other places as NewsMax, American Sentinel, and a whole host of various blogs.

I avoid NYTimes like the plague. Never read Newsweek/Times any m0re–used to read them both weekly. I did read the WallStreet Journal daily when it was handy. 

What am I missing? I know liberals would want me to watch Hard Ball and Olberman and listen to PBS, but I think I hear about all the news that is worth knowing about. I actually get surprised whenever any of my acquaintances knows about anything in the news that I haven’t already heard about. But I always have the feeling that there are better or more up do date options out there. Anybody care to share any wonderful sources of info that you regularly use?

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