Daily Archives: April 26, 2009

If certain Virginia bloggers were in Miss California’s shoes when asked The Question

“Should same-sex marriage be legalized?”Miss USA

SWAC Girl: “The forsythia are blooming in Augusta County, and have you seen my latest sunset photos of the mountains behind my house?”

Loudoun Insider: “I would rather not discuss my personal beliefs.  I think that we should not discuss morals or social issues. The only thing that matters is fiscal issues. Will you change the question and ask me about whether we should raise taxes?” 

Vivian Paige: “Well, let me read an article written fifty years ago my father, the Rev. C. Thomas Paige, as it appeared in the Tri-State Defender on April 15, 1961…”

Fisherville Mike: “I’m no Carrie Prejean, but I would like to use pictures of  her on my blog. A little Rule 5 action never hurt the sitemeter, doncha know? And let me give a shout out to my bros, ‘The Other McCain’ and his side-kick Smitty!”  

The Richmond Democrat: [First, looks down at his cheat sheet to see what the official Democratic position on the question is.] “The Democrats believe blah blah blah. And Republicans have  horns and are evil blah blah blah.”

Belowthebeltway: “Does this dress make me look fat? Perez, you are one of my heroes. Are you making a pass at me?”

Smash Mouth Politics: “Fuck no. And you are an idiot for even asking the question. You faggot. You want some of this?  Come on up here, girly-boy.”

Obama’s popularity lower than George W. Bush’s after 100 days

The world’s greatest teleprompted One, beloved by the entire world, shined upon by heaven, The One Who Bows to Saudi Kings, has a lower popularity rating than GWB, Jimmy Carter, and Nixon.  But you know those polls must be wrong. He is the Obamassiah!