A prominent Republican politician salutes a famous racist and eugenicist (a/k/a “Kill the Darky Babies”)

“I admire Adolf Hitler enormously. I admire his courage and

Darky must die

Darky must die

 tenacity.”  OMG! What firestorm would be lit amongst the Main Stream Media?!! No, wait, this was Hitlery Clinton, and she was talking about Margaret Sanger, known racist and eugenicist. Could it be that liberals do not like darkies? Could it be that “and other minorities” must be kept from propogating their races, no matter what? Call it “freedom of choice”, but get those Planned Parenthood Clinics close to the ghettos. He he. White people don’t need abortions. Get the clinics in where the minorities live, baby. It’s the liberal way.


And lest any think she mispoke see here:

“When asked for clarification about Clinton’s admiration of Sanger’s “vision” and whether the secretary wished she had mitigated her praise with a mention of the more seedy aspects of Sanger’s legacy, a State Department spokesman told The Weekly Standard yesterday that Clinton’s speechwriters said Clinton’s words ‘stand on their own.'”

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