Try as I might I can not find one liberal who is not a little Nazi at heart

Recently, a guy (okieflavor4u) who put on a nice happy face came ksmjk01here and started commenting on my blog. I tried to be nice to him, and encouraged him to blog here and share his opinions. I also went to his blog and shared my opinions. But the first time we disagreed on an issue, he banned me from his blog. I was not ugly, or disruptive, I merely disagreed with his position on the issue of “waterboarding.” 

His blog comment was complaining that those within the Bush Administration who “tortured” were not going to be prosecuted.  He argued that waterboarding was “torture” because it is a form of drowning.  He asked a rhetorical question: “Would you want your children drowned?” My response:

Okie, I think you are asking the wrong question. You asked, “Would you like your children to be drowned.” If you use that standard, we shouldn’t shoot the terrorists, either. Would you like your children to be shot? Nor should we even capture them–we all want our children to be free!

Instead, you should be asking, “Would you want the government to waterboard terrorists if it would keep your children safe?” Damn straight I want the terrorists shot if they are fighting against our troops. And I want them captured. And I want them waterboarded in order to find out all the evil that they are trying to perpetrate. Waterboarding never killed any of them–and according to Dick Cheney who is trying to get results declassified–it saved lives.”

For that reply, suddenly I’m a bad guy who is no longer welcome at his blog.  La la la, if I don’t let you play in my sandbox, I can’t hear you! What a whiny sniveling little punk. If this was the first time some idiot liberal banned me from their blog, it would be different. But this is soooooooooooo common. It is typical of liberals. That is one reason I link to Lowell’s blog. He does not censor comments. If you are correct on the issues, why do you want to censor others? Their opinions should be unable to be supported by facts if they are wrong. Their ignorance should be apparent to all. Let them speak, give them rope to hang themselves. Engage them in dialogue. You might eventually persuade them that they are wrong. Or you might learn something yourself. But no, most liberals are little sniveling punks afraid to even engage in dialogue. Richmond Democrat, Anonymous is a woman, Cobalt6, sniveling punks all. Grow a set of balls (or in Anonymous’ case, a brain) and engage. Debate is not always pretty. Tough.

17 responses to “Try as I might I can not find one liberal who is not a little Nazi at heart

  1. I have an ideal. Take that gun your ran out and bought because you are a pussy ass coward, and kill yourself with it. Do everyone a favor, and just put it in your mouth and squeeze that trigger.

    You have lied about what I said. You have lied about disagreeing one time. We only agreed one time. So please, do us all a favor, and either shoot yourself or tie a cinder-block to your feet and jump in the ocean. Then you would know exactly what water boarding feels like.

  2. I’m a coward? I let you post anything you want on my blog. I let you show the entire world what a deranged individual you are. There is a reason your blog has had 500 visitors, and mine has had 29,000 plus hits. I think it is past time for your medications.

  3. You’re right. There is a reason. I JUST STARTED MY BLOG about 3 1/2 weeks ago.

  4. and also. We just got through getting rid of little hitler…his name was Bush.

  5. his name was Bush.

    HA HA HA HA you will soon be open to the truth of Obama the REAL HITLER….

  6. Yeah. I hope he starts with white people first, because it seems to me that the white people always seem to have some ethnic cleansing issues they like to dish out.

    Maybe we should start cleansing this world of white people. Sounds like a good Ideal. Good ideal Frankie Boy…nice job.

  7. I hope he starts with me ! That way I don’t have to be around Liberals anymore, as I am going to Heaven when I die !

    Thanks a-hole !

  8. Hey Okie Finoki ~ what is it with you clowns that you feel th NEED to put comments into moderation? Can’t handle someone coming to your little blog and saying something without a telepromptor to guide us? Just cuz your President NEEDS one to speak, doesn’t mean the masses do…pathetic, backwards thinkers you all are.

  9. Barack Obama wrote all of his speeches. I believe it was YOUR butt buddy, George that couldn’t even read his teleprompter and never wrote his own speeches.

    Come on over Mr. Frankie, comment all you wish. I am over my temper tantrum regarding the torture issue. I just hate people that love death and destruction…it’s a very tough thing for me to get over.

  10. People “that love death and destruction”? You f’n moron. I don’t love death and destruction–I love living in peace. Those sub-human terrorists brought the death and destruction. I just want to prevent it in the future. Arguably, you “love death and destruction” more than I do. You want to tie the hands of our country to prevent them from finding and stopping the next planned “death and destruction” event.

  11. No. I don’t love death and destruction. I think that if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder because you think that you are in danger from some extremist and this fear causes you to hate, then you are the one that is advocating death and destruction because of a fear that you have inside yourself. You are willing to give up your rights and freedoms so you don’t have to be afraid anymore. I don’t want our freedoms infringed upon under the guise of protection. It’s a simple concept.

  12. N? But you support putting cross hairs on an ex-president…interesting. Maybe I’ll call a friend of mine to trace your IP and make sure you’re not up to death and destruction…

  13. Who said anything about giving up MY rights? I’m talking about not coddling terrorists captured on the field of battle. You are the one who wants to coddle them and give them MY rights, when they are entitled to be shot under the Geneva Convention for fighting out of uniform.

  14. Aaaahhhhhh, the sweet smell of truth !

  15. I hope an international court tries George Bush and all of his administration for war-crimes, which is punishable by death. That is what the crosshairs are for;)

    If you want to trace my IP, I can’t stop you. And no one said anything about coddling terrorists. They have human rights just like you and I.

    If I were to play semantics I could say that you are destroying this country, and I could consider you an enemy combatant which would allow me to hold you indefinitely without a trial. No phone calls, no nothing. This is what the Bush administration has done to it’s own citizens.

    This is all under the Bush administrations policy of “Patriot Act”, which is essentially the same as the Reichstag decree. George Bush is no different from Hitler.

    As far as the Geneva Convention. George Bush said to hell with that a long time ago.

    Speaking of coddling. Right after the 9-11 attacks…guess who ordered that the Bin Laden Family that was in this country be flown out at the tax-payers expense on a private jet back to wherever the hell? Do you remember that? Why do you think they did that? It’s probably because Bin Laden used to work for the CIA. Could be, we’ll never know, but if it was you and your wife was killed, do you think they would fly you anywhere other than an interrogation cell? Naah. They’d be questioning your ass until it began to bleed, because you would be a suspect, but in the case of the Bin Laden family. They were “coddled” by getting a free jet ride somewhere safe.

    That is the truth, like it or not.

  16. I guess it’s time to try Obama then as well as he continues to fund the “whatever he calls it now”

  17. That made absolutely no sense, whatsoever. Taking after the Republican party leader Rush Limbaugh, I see. When you can’t think of anything else, just start speaking incoherently.

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