Queers trashing a beauty queen is deja vu all over again

anita-bryantThe liberals are standing in line to attack Miss California for daring to speak her opinion.  But she isn’t the first casualty in this long cultural war.  I’m assuming most readers of this blog are too young to remember what happened in Florida when Anita Bryant had the audacity to stand up for family values. I was down in Miami, Florida in the late 70s when faggots were crucifying her for standing up to their godlessness. She was basically run out of Florida, and lost her position as spokesperson for Florida orange juice because of her personal beliefs. Google “Anita Bryant” if you are too young or too forgetful to remember what they did to her. And still are doing to her.

Well, at least Yankee Philip is liked by the liberals. (Hint: Philip, if you are “liked” by liberals, it probably means that they do not perceive you as a threat because you aren’t seen as standing up for conservative cultural values.)

This is a war, folks. Just as Bubba and the rest of the world did not realize that al Qaida was at war with us for years, many conservatives and moderates have not known that ultra libs and godless heathen have been at war with traditional America. For decades. The battle has been joined, the question is whether gutless cowards will sit back and let them win.

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