An Earth Day message to my liberal brethren

I share in probably 70– 90% of the goals of the most rabid earthdayenvironmentalist.  But the phrases “Earth Day celebrations”, and “anthropogenic climate change” get my hackles up.  So, please, we can work together, or you can alienate another conservative. It is all about the delivery of the message. And losing the sanctimonious attitude.

As a teen my father taught me to take out the oil drained while changing the car’s oil and spread it on the dirt road in front of our house, to help keep the dust down. Of course, our well was probably 100 feet from the newest oil spill. My grandfather liberally (he he) applied any number of pesticides to his garden.  And when visiting relatives in Florida a truck would come along the public street every afternoon and spray for mosquitoes. The smell of pesticide (DDT?  This was before it was banned in 1972.) would waft into the houses through the open windows (not so much AC back then).

But I developed my own ideas. I do not use any pesticides except those that are not toxic (such as Bacillus thuringiensis or pepper spray or Japanese Beetle traps). I am an avid recycler and when I lived on my “farm” I was an avid composter. I do not bag my grass clippings–I use a mulching mower. Sorry, I’m not green enough to not mow or to hire goats to keep it close cropped. But I abhor all the ultra green lawns with their weed and pest free but bay clogging environmental hazards.   

In short, you do not need to lie to me, or exaggerate, to get me to support environmental causes.  I agree that we should cut down on pollution. But don’t blow smoke up my ass by telling me that CO2 and cow farts are causing global climate change. Don’t point to that fat propaganda-spewing hyppocrite Al Gore as some sainted scientist who “proves” that we are doomed in order to get me to cooperate. 

 Here are some suggestions if you want to garner my support.  Support hunting.  Most animals that are legally hunted are helped over-all. Sportsmen do not want to wipe whole species out by over-hunting, they want to protect and increase their habitat for selfish reasons, but their (our) goals are not contrary to environmentalism.

And do not oppose all logging. Sure, it burns me up to see entire tracts of old growth timber completely cut down. But old growth prevents new growth, and does not support as much wildlife.  Trees are a renewable resource. Selective logging, or taking out chunks here and there is a good use of our natural resources. Strive for balance instead of opposing any type of logging, period.  Better to cut some down and plant new ones, within moderation.

Work with technology to cut down on emissions from coal burning plants.  Back in the 1980s technology was developed to inject hydrated lime into coal burning power plants in order to cut down on emissions.  Other technologies could be developed–our businesses can do anything that is asked of them. Set higher standards, give business a chance to develop technology to meet those standards, don’t tax them into oblivion at a time when our economy cannot withstand such onerous taxes.  And consider dropping your reflexive opposition to nuclear power.  We must have power from some source. It is not realistic to return to the dark ages.

There is much action that I would support. Recycling should be made easier everywhere. Henrico County has delivered bins to all households, and picks up the contents every two weeks.  It is as easy as taking out the garbage.  Chesterfield County at least used to compost the massive amounts of grass clippings from its residents. Let’s pass a law requiring deposits on beverage containers.  There are lots of things that we can gain a majority support without being extremists. 

Finally, lose the attitude. Just the thought of even considering doing anything to support or celebrate “Earth Day” makes my gag reflex kick into over-drive.  And I do not go around wearing my environmentalism on my sleeves. Neither should you. Lose the holier than thou attitude. Lose the “all conservatives are evil environmental pigs” attitude.  I do not claim to be a spokesperson for all conservative environmentalists, but I believe that I share the same attitude as many others.

2 responses to “An Earth Day message to my liberal brethren

  1. Good post John. I’d discuss further but right now I’m trying to herd a bunch of cats into one conference call.

    See ya in a bit.

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