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“Corporations don’t pay income taxes.” Oh yeah?

nyc-corporationsThis post was inspired by a comment from the intellectually challenged blogger known as “zen,” a troll who inhabits “The Toxic Mud Pit.”  He wrote: “Those poor, over-taxed businesses” as he cited to a GAO study showing corporations don’t pay taxes.(*)  Well, I looked up a few large corporations and was shocked.

Altria (MO), with 10,400 employees, made 4.8 billion in before tax profit, and paid 1.7 billion in taxes. Microsoft (MSFT) with 91,000 employees made 23.8 bil before taxes, and paid 6.1 bil in taxes. General Motors (GM) employed 243,000, and lost billions (over 21 bil it appears) but still paid 1.8 bil in taxes. Intel (INTC) employed 83,900, earned 7.7 bil pre-tax and paid 2.4 billion. Wells Fargo Banck (WFC) employed 281,000, earned 3.2 billion pre-tax, and paid 602 million in a year when we all know banks were losing their asses. Exxon (XOM) with 104,700 employees earned 81,750 pretax and paid 36.5 billion in taxes. AND THAT IS BESIDES THE STATE AND FEDERAL TAXES THAT YOU AND I PAY FOR EVERY GALLON OF GASOLINE.

I did not cherry pick these companies, I just randomly looked them up on yahoo finance.  Continue reading

Obama wants the U.S. to pay $100 billion to the International Monetary Fund

systemfailure2The world economy is deteriorating and the currencies of poor countries could collapse, The Annointed One says. And Timothy Geithner is playing his little Stepin Fetchit  to convince us that we ought to go along with this hare-brained idea.  Oh, sure! The $100 billion is just a loan. What could go wrong loaning other countries billions of dollars? But even worse, instead of lending the money directly to them, we are letting some intranational group over which we have little control get the money and lend it out for us. Guess who used to be the United States’ “Governor” to the IMF? Why, little Timmy Geithner himself.stpnftcht-dance

 “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 185 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.”  But guess what, “the IMF is also one of the largest official holders of gold in the world.” 

Timmy “Turbo-Tax” Geithner has been in the news lately trying to convince we ignorant tax-paying sheeples that lending $100 billion of our tax money to the IMF is a good thing.  Basically, he argues, we need the world to recover economically to help ourselves. So let’s lend the world money, like we lent money to American banks and corporations.  (Yeah, that has worked out so well.) And besides, he says,  “We bear a substantial share of the responsibility for what has happened, but factors that made the crisis so acute and so difficult to contain lie in a broader set of global forces that built up in the years before the start of our current troubles.”  Oh, yeah, Timmy? Who is this “we” bullshit? I did not cause anything. Neither did the vast majority of Americans. How about we find out who are the real “we” s who caused this mess and make them pay proportionately for their share of this financial mess? Instead, we let them keep their penthouses and their summer homes in The Hamptons while we bail out not just the U.S. but the entire world economy with taxpayer guaranteed money. And we do not even get final say on who gets our money!  Thanks but no thanks. Continue reading

Queers trashing a beauty queen is deja vu all over again

anita-bryantThe liberals are standing in line to attack Miss California for daring to speak her opinion.  But she isn’t the first casualty in this long cultural war.  I’m assuming most readers of this blog are too young to remember what happened in Florida when Anita Bryant had the audacity to stand up for family values. I was down in Miami, Florida in the late 70s when faggots were crucifying her for standing up to their godlessness. She was basically run out of Florida, and lost her position as spokesperson for Florida orange juice because of her personal beliefs. Google “Anita Bryant” if you are too young or too forgetful to remember what they did to her. And still are doing to her.

Well, at least Yankee Philip is liked by the liberals. (Hint: Philip, if you are “liked” by liberals, it probably means that they do not perceive you as a threat because you aren’t seen as standing up for conservative cultural values.)

This is a war, folks. Just as Bubba and the rest of the world did not realize that al Qaida was at war with us for years, many conservatives and moderates have not known that ultra libs and godless heathen have been at war with traditional America. For decades. The battle has been joined, the question is whether gutless cowards will sit back and let them win.

Doug Mataconis: “Check your brain at the door when you visit ‘Below the Beltway’ please”

1238782053414You just can’t make up some of the dumb shit that flows from his blog:  “If the GOP really is becoming more libertarian, then I welcome it. Not only because of my own political beliefs, but because I think it would be healthier for the country to have an opposition party that is less beholden to the religious conservatives. For now, though, I’m skeptical and waiting for Republicans to prove to me that they’ve changed.” Hey, dumbass. We already have a party of godless heathen; it’s called the Democrat Party.  We already have a party that isn’t “beholden to the religious conservatives”–it’s called the Democrat party.

And while I know he didn’t pen these words, he quoted them in apparent agreement of them: [regarding the directions the GOP could move] “or toward Olympia Snowesque moderation/ good-governmentism.”  Olympia snow and “good-governmentism”? That stupid bitch is a liberal Democrat with (R) after her name. Please, take idiots like Snowe, Arlen Specter and buttsniffing idiots like Mataconis and get them the hell away from the Republican party.

Try as I might I can not find one liberal who is not a little Nazi at heart

Recently, a guy (okieflavor4u) who put on a nice happy face came ksmjk01here and started commenting on my blog. I tried to be nice to him, and encouraged him to blog here and share his opinions. I also went to his blog and shared my opinions. But the first time we disagreed on an issue, he banned me from his blog. I was not ugly, or disruptive, I merely disagreed with his position on the issue of “waterboarding.” 

His blog comment was complaining that those within the Bush Administration who “tortured” were not going to be prosecuted.  He argued that waterboarding was “torture” because it is a form of drowning.  He asked a rhetorical question: “Would you want your children drowned?” My response:

Okie, I think you are asking the wrong question. You asked, “Would you like your children to be drowned.” If you use that standard, we shouldn’t shoot the terrorists, either. Would you like your children to be shot? Nor should we even capture them–we all want our children to be free!

Instead, you should be asking, “Would you want the government to waterboard terrorists if it would keep your children safe?” Damn straight I want the terrorists shot if they are fighting against our troops. And I want them captured. And I want them waterboarded in order to find out all the evil that they are trying to perpetrate. Waterboarding never killed any of them–and according to Dick Cheney who is trying to get results declassified–it saved lives.”

For that reply, suddenly I’m a bad guy who is no longer welcome at his blog.  La la la, if I don’t let you play in my sandbox, I can’t hear you! What a whiny sniveling little punk. Continue reading

An Earth Day message to my liberal brethren

I share in probably 70– 90% of the goals of the most rabid earthdayenvironmentalist.  But the phrases “Earth Day celebrations”, and “anthropogenic climate change” get my hackles up.  So, please, we can work together, or you can alienate another conservative. It is all about the delivery of the message. And losing the sanctimonious attitude.

As a teen my father taught me to take out the oil drained while changing the car’s oil and spread it on the dirt road in front of our house, to help keep the dust down. Of course, our well was probably 100 feet from the newest oil spill. My grandfather liberally (he he) applied any number of pesticides to his garden.  And when visiting relatives in Florida a truck would come along the public street every afternoon and spray for mosquitoes. The smell of pesticide (DDT?  This was before it was banned in 1972.) would waft into the houses through the open windows (not so much AC back then). Continue reading