Bad mouth Israel, and the Obama Administration walks out on the speech

But bad mouth America, and Obama sits there like a little lawn jockey. How dare President Ahmadinejad call Israel “racist.” But listen to a fifty minute speech by Daniel Ortega about how rotten the United States of America is, and how Cuba is just a peaceful little country that is fighting for its independence and The Crown Prince of Darkness Himself just sits there and enjoys it–and gets a Hugo Chavez book as a present to boot.  He can’t help it–hates America just as much as Chavez and Ortega do.

4 responses to “Bad mouth Israel, and the Obama Administration walks out on the speech

  1. Yeah, I guess Michelle and Barry should have moved years ago, Oh but wait, we can’t expect them to move, they have friends in America…even some that HATE America enough to terrorize citizens (Ayers) and spread HATE speak (Rev. Wright). Yeah, I guess Homeland Security Council should be looking ou for some people alright…just not US.

    What you say?

  2. I never would have imagined that NO ONE would have told me off…guess the stink in the air is the lack of showers to cleanse the Mess IIii AA U hhh…or it could be that LF is sick of the truth being shown…

  3. mebbe they are gettin tired of makin excuses for The One. Nahhhh. Can’t be that. Then I guess the lawn jockey scared ’em away.

  4. Israel should be the country we take over.

    They cause all the trouble and we are there to hold their hand through the whole thing, you right wing evangelical nutbags.

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