Daily Archives: April 16, 2009

Why NOT secede from the Union?

We have the Right to secede, and we have the ability. First, we have common-sensethe God given Right. See, e.g.,The Declaration of Independence.”  Our “rights” do not depend upon what some United States Supreme Court ruling declared decades ago, as some un-learned lawyers might suppose. 

And we have the ability.  We live in a different time than during the War of Northern Agression.  When Lincoln was first elected, anti-secessionists had a cause which many felt was worth fighting and dying for.  But those northerners who did not share the belief in the cause were drafted and forced to fight at the point of a bayonet. Does anyone think that Obama or any other President in our society today could force enough army volunteers to fight against a well armed state or group of states in order to prevent them from seceeding from the Union? Or could force on the people a return to Military Conscription? Look no further than Canada–Quebec–to see what modern day peaceful secession might look like.

And if “peaceful” negotiations did not work, war would not likely follow.  If Texas seceded, for example, can you imagine Obama gathering a bunch of, say, New Yorkers or Californians to fight against Texas? Those ignorant bastards would be glad Texas seceeded.  And Tenneseeans and Virginians would gladly join Texas. 

Does this put me in the “red-meat crowd” just for pointing out the obvious? So be it. The little Dougie Maticonis’es of the world never met anything or anyone worth fighting for in their lives, so we don’t need to worry about them stopping us from seceeding. The “progressives” and liberals who want Big Government to care for them cradle to grave could take their welfare stamps to states that did not seceed, and quickly usher in their supposed Utopian Society.

In my opinion, nothing need change if one or more states seceeded, except that citizens of those states would have more freedom from bureaucrats in Washington. If Virginia seceeded, instead of having Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi run our lives, we could have our own elected officials ruining our lives. At least they would be our elected officials, instead of from the People’s Republic of California and Massachusetts.  We could still have a strong joint military–if we wanted one. There would be no need for border patrols (except on the Mexican border).  Interstate travel and commerce would not be affected. 

At this time, I am not advocating secession. But it is not because I fear secession, or feel that I do not have the right to seceed. It is because I have not yet come to the conclusion that our current political situation is so hopeless that it cannot be fixed. But I do believe that it is close–very close–to being at that point. I think a large portion of the mindless dupes who voted “for change” but who did not believe our charges that Obama is a Big Government fascist/”progressive”/socialist (whichever word you are most comfortable with) are finally waking up. Of course, the “useful idiots” like Doug Mataconis will never wake up. But we do not need every citizen to wake up, just a bare majority of them.

Immediately all the liberals and “moderates” and RINOs begin quaking in their boots at the thought of secession. Who will look after us? Who will send us our matching funds so that we can build more roads in the Republic of Northern Virginia? Who will protect our civil rights if the U.S. Supreme Court is not lording over us? The answer is that we will.  Liberal and libertarian leaning folk should have no problem accepting an idea that leads to more freedom.  We “right-wing fringe kooks” are way ahead of you on this one.