This photo from Drudge reminds me

It shows the Pope in front of vast amounts of golden VATICAN POPE HOLY THURSDAYchalices and candle stick holders etc. My point isn’t to bash Catholics, but almost all Christians, myself included.  I don’t remember who said this, but it was some famous Christian (Thomas Aquinas?) speaking with whomever was the Pope centuries ago.  The Pope supposedly said, “No longer can it be said as Peter said ‘Silver and gold  have I none.'” And the wit replied to the Pope: “Neither can it be said “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: rise up and walk.”  [Both were quoting Peter in Acts 3:6.] The wise man’s point was that the church had forfeited its power to do miracles when it became worldly in its love for possessions.

I’m all for nice things, so long as they aren’t solid freaking gold all over the place. I’d have a lot more respect for the Pope if he sold all that–or 90% of it–and used the money to help feed the poor. I condemn The Mess I uh uh for sending out hundreds of miles for a chef to bake him a pizza, so I  have to be consistent…

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