I’m not too into “Christian apologetics”

I’m of the view that if God wants somebody to become a believer, He easter-empty-tombwill convince them, He doesn’t need me to convince them.  I make an exception near Easter, based upon the Resurrection of Jesus.  Here is what I consider to be a short, logical argument for all you non-believers. 

First, human nature: People often die for what they believe is true.  Rarely if ever do people die for what they know is untrue.  For instance, clearly fanatical Muslims blow themselves up nearly every day.  They believe strongly that they are doing the right thing, and they will receive their reward of virgins, blah blah blah.  But unless somebody is nuts they don’t kill themselves or let themselves be killed for something they KNOW is untrue. 

The early followers of Jesus were in position to know whether or not Jesus died and then rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.  A multitude saw him die and be buried. Then he appeared to his disciples, and then to a multitude of others.  And his followers were not gullible idiots who did not know about life and death. 

One, “Doubting Thomas”, was not present at first when Jesus appeared to others. His reaction was the same as any rational person would react under the circumstances: He refused to believe it when the others said that Jesus had risen from the dead. He said, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side [where he was peirced by a spear], I will not believe it.”   John 20:24-26. Jesus later appeared to him and let him do just that. Thomas later reportedly was killed for what he believed, as were nearly all of the early believers.  

When the remaining eleven disciples saw Jesus after he rose from the dead, “they worshipped him; but some doubted.” (Matthew 28:17) These were the people who had known him intimately for three years. Jesus was standing right in front of them. But “some doubted” what they were seeing with their own eyes.  They had to be convinced. And once they were, they were willing to be killed for what they believed and in fact were killed for what they knew to be true.  

Non-believers try to excuse their actions as the result of them being frauds. But a fraud won’t die for what he knows to be untrue.  They weren’t idiots, either. They acted very rational and were just as skeptical as you and me would be in the circumstances.  Unless they were all insane (which takes a great degree of faith to believe in and of itself), they saw something that you and me did not.   

Other nonbelievers try to pass off the Bible as just a fraudulent invention by others who came along hundreds of years later.  But that does not account for the transformation of people’s lives from back in Jesus’ day to the present.  The words contained in the Bible have been transforming people’s lives and entire nations for almost two thousand years.  Many so-called “Christians” have forsaken the faith, almost always so they can indulge in some sin (homosexuality, adultery, divorce, you name it) without feeling guilty about it.  But you do not hear of so-called Christians renouncing their faith so that they can be a better person. Something happened two thousand years ago, and you had better be sure you know what it was. You think about that…

2 responses to “I’m not too into “Christian apologetics”

  1. Alot of that wonderful rant can be said about Democrats…they will talk the talk about how great everything they touch IS, but when it comes to die (defend) for this country, they simply shake it off. They love PEACE but will not lift a finger (except the middle one) to fight for it.

    Shameful on them…but GOD is on our side, as I am a believer !

    Happy Easter to you and yours and the readers that DO BELIEVE ! (in GOD AND COUNTRY)

  2. Amen Brother!

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