I want to meet those other 3% of “Evangelical Christians” who don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead

Cut to scene where John Doe is beating them upside untouchablesthe head with a baseball bat.  With a gleeful look in  his eye!

Per Rasmussen Reports : “Eighty-five percent (85%) of Catholics believe Jesus rose from the dead along with 86% of Protestants and 97% of Evangelical Christians. Eighty-nine percent (89%) of Catholics also think Jesus was the son of God. That view is shared by 90% of Protestants and 97% of Evangelical Christians. Finally, 87% of Catholics, 95% of Protestants and all Evangelical Christians surveyed believe that Jesus Christ walked the earth.

3 responses to “I want to meet those other 3% of “Evangelical Christians” who don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead

  1. And Jesus would be so honored by your beating of the uncertain John. I’m sure Jesus would be quite encouraging and quietly saying, “Beat ’em till they bleed!”
    Maybe you could arrange to set them on fire until they accept your doctrine? Or perhaps hold them under water until they confess their weakness and sinfulness? Or perhaps pull their arms and legs out of socket and use a hooked knife to disembowel them slowly until they accept the sweet mercy and grace of death, but only after they acknowledge before all that you are right, and they were so dreadfully wrong?

    Is that kinda what you’ve got in mind?
    We’ve been there before… And I must tell you my friend, I will pull on the armor against you.

  2. Oh and Frank, I won’t write against you. If you want to address some dissatisfaction with me, you have my phone number, my address, and my email. As I’ve told you before, I’m not hard to find. Oh by the way big boy, who was it that made you aware of the traveling “Wall” to begin with? Oh yes, and if you want to follow up regarding getting help for your daughter who was injured in Iraq, check my site. I’ve been working on this issue since 2003. We’ve finally gotten some seriously good support for the Western part of VA… And our returning Vets…

  3. I guess my style of hyperbole offended you Lowell. But there is some truth to what I say. I don’t want people claiming to be Christians who aren’t.

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