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I want to meet those other 3% of “Evangelical Christians” who don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead

Cut to scene where John Doe is beating them upside untouchablesthe head with a baseball bat.  With a gleeful look in  his eye!

Per Rasmussen Reports : “Eighty-five percent (85%) of Catholics believe Jesus rose from the dead along with 86% of Protestants and 97% of Evangelical Christians. Eighty-nine percent (89%) of Catholics also think Jesus was the son of God. That view is shared by 90% of Protestants and 97% of Evangelical Christians. Finally, 87% of Catholics, 95% of Protestants and all Evangelical Christians surveyed believe that Jesus Christ walked the earth.

Kirby Porter, former Hanover Commonwealths’ Attorney, guilty of same misconduct as perpetrated by the prosecutors of Sen. Stevens?

chalkley_thumbIn deference to Kirby Porter’s recent death I have decided to delete this post entirely.  No reason to speak ill of the dead.  R.I.P. Kirby.

John Doe

I do not believe men should owe child support for children conceived out of wedlock

Men have no say in the matter if the woman has an abortion. Women can “trick” men into getting them pregant even when the man thinks they are having “safe sex.” I see no reason to legally saddle a man with child support for eighteen plus years due to what was probably a few minutes of consensual sex.  Continue reading

I’m not too into “Christian apologetics”

I’m of the view that if God wants somebody to become a believer, He easter-empty-tombwill convince them, He doesn’t need me to convince them.  I make an exception near Easter, based upon the Resurrection of Jesus.  Here is what I consider to be a short, logical argument for all you non-believers.  Continue reading

This photo from Drudge reminds me

It shows the Pope in front of vast amounts of golden VATICAN POPE HOLY THURSDAYchalices and candle stick holders etc. My point isn’t to bash Catholics, but almost all Christians, myself included.  I don’t remember who said this, but it was some famous Christian (Thomas Aquinas?) speaking with whomever was the Pope centuries ago.  The Pope supposedly said, “No longer can it be said as Peter said ‘Silver and gold  have I none.'” And the wit replied to the Pope: “Neither can it be said “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: rise up and walk.”  [Both were quoting Peter in Acts 3:6.] The wise man’s point was that the church had forfeited its power to do miracles when it became worldly in its love for possessions.

I’m all for nice things, so long as they aren’t solid freaking gold all over the place. I’d have a lot more respect for the Pope if he sold all that–or 90% of it–and used the money to help feed the poor. I condemn The Mess I uh uh for sending out hundreds of miles for a chef to bake him a pizza, so I  have to be consistent…

What do Democrats REALLY want?

Don’t ask me, read it in their own words. Regarding, the huge increase in Government spending in the past three months: “This is 12281585067721the biggest progressive economic victory in over thirty years.  It is a tangible step toward the Canadian and Western European mixed economic model, the first one we have taken in a few decades. And it happened in less than three months.” [Can’t you almost hear the little faggot giggling with glee down in mommy’s basement as he wrote that?]

[The Senate has been a drag on this leap towards socialism:] “Just imagine what we would have accomplished in terms of legislation without the Senate over the past few months. The stimulus would have had a hundred billion more in spending, 100% auctions would be on their way, hundreds of billions for new health care would be on its way, bankruptcy “cramdown” would be law, EFCA would be law, executive compensation limits would be far more severe, and on and on and on. However, if we had the Senate but there was no President, the legislative accomplishments would have been pretty much the same.” 


Obamas fly in chef to make them pizza

All the way from St. Louis Missouri to Washington, D.C.  Because heelitist-snob could.  I have been unable to confirm or deny the rumor that President Obama had this to say afterwards: “You people who actually earned your money by actually producing goods and services have to tighten up, cut costs and expenses. But I don’t. Because I won.”


We  have a solemn civic duty to “report anti Obama activity“.  Anti-American  activity? Not so much. Apparently, “dissent” is only Patriotic when it is directed at the GWB Administration, or at America in general, and never when directed at our Dear Leader.

 “A site dedicated to the preservation of truth, justice and the obama_poster_hitler-copy1American way. Where true American citizens can monitor and report all anti-obama activities taking place on the world wide web.
This is a place where one can post and report on all activities, web sites and or blogs that would be considered erroneous, slanderous or detrimental to the newly elected President of the United States.
There are those who go under the disguise of patriotism who seek to undermine the President by reporting false allegations as truth and there by starting a incendiary viral campaigns based on lies and innuendo.
“This site is dedicated to exposing all of them. Bringing those guilty of playing with the fire of deceitful comments out of their secret little lairs, the forums where they think they are safe to discuss their hate mongering and racist ways and expose them to the light of day for all the public to see.
“They are extremely scared of this, so please for the sake of the American way, join our cause and root out these sites and post them for all the world to see.”