My neighbor is going to die. And it is all the Richmond Democrat’s fault

160_21_5And Keith Olbermann’s. And dickheads at the dailykos.  My neighbor is a good man. He is a heterosexual male happily married for many years, with  two grown  children. Nice job. Fine house. Two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard.

Then he decided to experiment with his sexuality. Heck, The Richmond Democrat does it. Keith Olbermann does it. All of the writers and readers of the dailykos do it. So he did it. He got ridden–bareback–for crack and a couple of doobies. And now he has AIDS. But hey, he’s in good company. Don’t all liberals have AIDS? Or at least HIV. But let me be clear about this. The Richmond Democrat caused him to get AIDS. He admitted to me that he was a regular reader of that pathetic blog site. All those rants following the Democrat Party line? You think those rants didn’t cause my neighbor to go out and take it up the poop shoot? You think Keith Olbermann being such a liberal didn’t cause him to throw away his morals, his common decency, his very humanity? Let me be crystal clear: Those liberal pigs caused him to die.  But hey, at least he was doing what they all do–or advocate doing–so at least they might send flowers to his funeral.

UPDATE: poop chute I meant. Richmond Democrat prolly caught that mistake immediately, as  he drooled all over  his keyboard. Er, I mean his mommy’s keyboard.

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