And they WONDER why so many doubt Obama is a Christian

KENYA US SENATOR BARACK OBAMAIt has been eleven weeks since he was elected and he still has yet to attend church even once.  The first thing the First Continental Congress did upon convening was to say prayers together.  The liberal elite like to paint as ill-informed boobs anyone who believes Obama is a Muslim, or is unsure of his religion.

I have already previously noted that Obama attended church for twenty years where the pastor did not believe Muslims needed to convert to Christianity.  Rev. Wright, when asked in front of a national audience (National Press Club, April 28, 2008) whether Muslims had to convert to Christianity in order to go to heaven, replied by quoting Jesus: “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold.”  The clear implication was that Rev. Wright did not believe that Muslims needed to convert to Christianity in order to go to heaven.  I am not attacking his beliefs (though I think he is directly ignoring clear teaching of Jesus), but rather pointing out that if the pastor of the church did not believe that a Muslim needed to convert to Christianity, why would someone who was born a Muslim feel any need to become a Christian in order to attend his church.

So the mere fact that Obama attended that church for many years does not mean he is a Christian. And Obama merely saying he is a Christian doesn’t mean spit. He said a lot of things during the campaign which were enormous lies. His word means nothing. So we are left to judge him by what he does. And his first interview once President was with a Muslim news organization. He just got back from sucking up to Muslims overseas.  Michelle man-handled the Queen of England, while her husband was bowing like a house servant to a Muslim from Saudi Arabia. And he’s unable to attend church since he left the Rev. Wright’s church?  Far from proving to me he is a Christian, I seriously believe he is either a Muslim or just another godless heathen who attended church just out of political expediency. And my view is not based on ignorance, but rather it is based on clear-eyed analysis of the facts.

4 responses to “And they WONDER why so many doubt Obama is a Christian

  1. “So we are left to judge him by what he does”…same goes for his followers…even locals…

  2. Bingo. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Lowell around lately…

  3. I figure after he reads my blogs, then comes here and sees his line of bullshit isn’t working, he tries elsewhere like repub and of course that moronic Liberal “news blog”…

    Funny how they had NO coverage of the Wall That Heals and Lowell ONLY ran it again after I stated such. As for being the leader of a group of kids trying to become democrats, I sure hope they learn from more than just him. His attacks against all things non-Liberal really show a scary side of his. I look forward to his next level of accusations and attacks…it makes me laugh out loud.

    Tea party anyone?

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