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STILL trying to perfect this “Rule 5” thingy

Mr. McCain, a little help here with Rule 5?

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Gay marriage in Vermont

When you have no morals, you will accept and applaud immorality.  This has been happening since Old Testament times.  “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness…” Isaiah 5:20.  I do not expect godless heathen to have morals.  Vermont is filled with godless heathen.  Therefore, it is no surprise to me that Vermont legalized immorality.  At least they did it the correct way–via the legislature–as opposed to having the law jammed down their throats through dictates of the courts. 

But I do take issue with RINOs and “moderates” and libertarians, who never cease to blame social conservatives for raising divisive social issues.  Look around you morons! Social conservatives aren’t going around looking for these issues to fight, they are being thrust upon us by the godless heathen on the left. We fight those issues because that is where the battle is raging. 

And I take issue with you social conservatives too cowardly to fight. You want to “be liked” by your godless heathen friends and co-workers. You want to get elected. You want to be popular. You are really only just gutless.

And I especially take issue with so-called Christians who support gay marriage. You are seriously misguided.  I’m no saint, but I do not go around trying to lie to people and mislead them that my particular sins are not really sins.  You, if you are really Christians, and only you and God know that, are harming the very people whom you are trying to help and comfort.  A thief doesn’t need to be told stealing is ok; a thief needs to be told that stealing is a sin. An adulterer doesn’t need to have you comfort them and say, “It’s ok, you were booooorn this way, God still loves you.”  An adulterer needs to hear that they are sinning, and that they are going to be damned if they don’t repent and seek forgiveness. It would be better if you just renounced your Christianity–you aren’t using it any way–and then you wouldn’t mislead queers and other sinners into believing that what they are doing is fine by God.  It’s not good enough to print old sermons that your father gave fifty years ago, dear.   You get no benefit for what Daddy did, and you get judged by what you do.

A Christian who claims that the  Bible does not  condemn homosexuality is worse off, in my opinion, than those who just don’t know any better. ” “If anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a large millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” Mark 9:42.  And any Christian who tries to justify homosexual behavior and claim that God does not condemn it, that is exactly what you are doing. Just go ahead and sign the certificate and admit that you aren’t a Christian. Even if you really believe that you are.  You will be doing less harm that way. TIA.  make_it_official_click_here_to_get_your_very_own_certificate_of_debaptism

The 40 oz Olde English 800 is “in the mail”

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Some things you never noticed in famous paintings

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