Republicans for Moran, McAuliffe or Deeds

From the Pilot Online: “Several party bosses who helped eject rinoFrederick said any resentment will be erased in time for Republicans to come together to elect GOP candidates in November.”  Not in this lifetime, you morons.

I’ll accept two things if they want my “resentment erased.”  I want the resignation of every “party boss” who helped eject Jeff Frederick, and I want Jeff Frederick or somebody just as conservative elected in his place.  Anything short of that and I will be voting straight Democratic ticket the next few elections. You moderates and RINOs think you need “moderates” to win elections? Let’s see how you do without conservatives. Maybe that will change your tune. I’m tired of being on the receiving end of you RINOs screwing the Republican Party. Hell, voting for a straight Democratic ticket cannot possibly make things any worse. What? Is some inexperienced socialist gonna get elected President? Is the Democratic party going to win the U.S. House and Senate? Is some stupid bitch from San Francisco going to be third in line to succeed the Presidency? I’m not going to just sit at home, I’m going to actively support DEMOCRATS, I’m going to vote for DEMOCRATS. You have not just lost my single vote, I’m going to cancel out some so-called “moderate” vote that you think you won by lynching Jeff Frederick.  And I had no dog in the fight, I wasn’t even a Jeff Frederick supporter. This is all on the “party bosses” who think they rule the Republican Party, who think this is their little private sand box that they can dictate what happens.  Forget? Like hell.

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