“Provocative Act?” FAIL! What now?

Hillary Clinton warned North Korea that launching any kind of rahmballetmissile would be a “provocative act.”  The Annointed One said beforehand that North Korea launching a missile would be a “provocative act.”  North Korea launched it any way.  Afterwards, The Teleprompted One called the launching of it a “provocative act.” So what is next? Besides the usual running to the United Nations, I mean.

Why, focus grouping, that’s what! Yes, you heard me right. The Obama Administration has gathered a bunch of communist dictators together for a focus group.  The idea is to “get tough” with Kim Jong II (who, by the way, we were told was deathly ill or dead not too long ago) without actually doing anything.  Immediately, the cobbled-together group of dictators, or, more precisely their interpretors discovered the problem! It seems that Kim Jong II has a fondness for blue eyed blondes, and he thought the word “provocative” was being used in a manner that caused him to think his missile was turning on Hillary and other blue eyed blondes.

Main Entry: provocative
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: sexually stimulating
Synonyms: alluring, arousing, enchanting, erotic, exciting, heady, interesting, intoxicating, intriguing, inviting, seductive, sexy, stimulating, suggestive, tantalizing, tempting
Antonyms: unexciting, unprovocative, unstimulating

Immediately after discovering the problem, the Obama Administration began attempts to find another word that better fits with the messge that the Obama Administration was trying to convey.

Main Entry: provocative
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: aggravating
Synonyms: annoying, challenging, disturbing, exciting, galling, goading, heady, incensing, inciting, influential, inspirational, insulting, intoxicating, offensive, outrageous, provoking, pushing, spurring, stimulant, stimulating
Antonyms: repressive, suppressive, unprovocative

Rumors that Rahm Immanuel was sexually aroused by the missile firing dictator have not yet been confirmed or denied. 

2 responses to ““Provocative Act?” FAIL! What now?

  1. Nothing like showing the world what our leaders think of us…making us look like cowards may make some people happy but not me or my kids. Not only did he NOT do anything to stop this, the whole trip he apologized for Americas past . . . now I know what he meant when the Obama’s said they had not been proud of America.

    What a shame people were duped into voting for a person that allows the cowardization of America.

    I hope the locals are proud…now all of a sudden I wished I lived further from Washington DC…

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