Daily Archives: April 4, 2009

The Other McCain becoming a blogwhore paradise?

First, let me assume the position. No, not the “Obama bow” towards the prostrateKing of Saudi.  On my knees, face in the dirt, prostrate before The One.  Ooooohm. Ooooooohm. Eliminate any evil and wretched thoughts born of jealousy because I am not on the list of his Full Metal wrap-arounds.  Then, when my mind and soul are pure, and while muttering to myself “I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy…” Quickly type these words: R.S. McCain is spending so much time blog-whoring that the quality of his work is suffering.

Today, for Christ’s sake, man, every other word is a link to some other blog. Let me try to emulate your style for a moment to show how distracting it is.  “Mehgan McCain (no relation) wrote about Laura Ingraham in The Daily Beast about hot chicks and Iowahawk made a pithy comment about facebook. This was picked up and commented on by Paco, Doug Mataconis, and Fisherville Mike. Blah, blah, blah. NOTHING was really said, it was all just an excuse to blogwhore. There. I said it.

Then take a deep breath, admit that you are doing this out of spite because you are jealous.  Even if you had a point, which you couldn’t express while blinded by rage that the world has not discovered you yet anyway, realize, grasshopper, that you are not worthy to deliver the message.  Don’t worry, if The One really is drifting away from his roots, from what made his blog site eagerly anticipated each new day, if that really is true, someone else will notice, and deliver the message.  I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy…

President Obama’s genius was revealed in European trip

Somebody finally figured out how to make world leaders love us! obamaforeignpolicyfordummies-1Give them everything they want. Bow down to a sheik. Ask “how high” when Russia says jump.  Offer a trillion dollars to the IMF in exchange for NATO leaders pledge to do absolutely nothing to help in Afghanistan. Give the queen an Ipod and a hug. Kiss the french first lady. Wow them, as, uh, the ugh, ugh, w-w-world’s, uh greatest orator.  And they loved it! Why didn’t we figure this out before? Send a black man and let him vastly exceed the bigotry of low expectations.  Who knew it would be so easy to be “popular” again? Presidential affirmative action rocks!