Well, time to take down those signs in Iowa

Warning to you little prissy liberals–you might be offended by the signs. Deal with it.

2eaqln42Get ready for polygamy, beastiality, necrophelia– between consenting adults 😉 😉 –and pedophelia. Yes, pedophelia. The age of consent is already 15 years in Sweden, Denmark and Poland; it is 14 years in Hungary and Puerto Rico; it is 13 in Spain and South Korea. Even Iowa and Indiana have the age of consent at 14 for males and 16 for females. And how long until some young woman challenges those discrepancies between male and female.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sometimes, slippery slopes really are slippery!

This ruling is just end result of sick, perverted lawyers being elevated to the Supreme Court. Years and years of sickness by liberal professors, filtering down to idiotic sick persons who get elevated to positions of power.  America, I weep for you.

One response to “Well, time to take down those signs in Iowa

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