Vivien J. Paige is a pedophilephobe

and a beastialityphobe and a polygamyphobe and necrophiliaphobe. 233170_main1That has to be the only explanation why she supports “equal rights” of queers but not of pederasts, animal lovers and polygamists.  How can she be so cruel? NAMBLA members are being denied their “equal rights” as we speak, and all Vivian can do is run around “empowering queer activism and leadership.”  Old men and little boy’s rights are being trampled on in all fifty states and all she can do is worry about queers being able to marry. At least they aren’t put in jail.  Gay activists such as “Equality Loudoun” only worry about their own little “equal rights” while leaving poor horse lovers, for instance, out in the cold. Other bloggers and Below the Beltway who claim to be about freedom, but we know better. Yer all “selective freedom” advocates.  All you “progressive elitists” who think you know best, when are you going to allow marriage to inanimate objects? Those in love with their rubber inflatible (anatomically correct) dollies are human, too, ya know? How could these people be so heartless and cruel? Guys who love dead people are people too.  Oh, gee, this self-righteous fighting for the equal rights of perverts thing is pretty easy!

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